Academy of Art University: Showcasing Talent for the Big Screen

Avengers: Infinity War became a hit at the box office for Disney. It followed the success of off the historic box office Marvel successor Black Panther. Who knew that Disney would enlist the help of Jan Phillip Cramer from Academy of Art University to pull of the digital animation needed to make the film a success?

The Academy of Art University has such tremendous talent. Cramer was given the task of animation supervisor for Infinity War. This was a dream come true for him and an inspiration to other artists at the university as to what could happen when hard work is applied. It pays off. Of course, this is not his only list of achievements. Cramer also has Independence Day: Resurgence, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Deadpool to add to that list. This is just naming a few of his accomplishments. Since his childhood, Cramer has always wanted to work in the art field that proudly display his work on the big screen. He can now say that he has done that and is still doing it.

Cramer knows that his career is just beginning. There are other movies that will come out and there are going to be more calls coming in for his help on those films. After receiving prestigious awards for his work, he does not have to worry about getting any business. He is definitely not the only one. There have been former Art Academy students that have done work the received Golden Globe nominations as well as other awards. That is the point of this university.

The Academy Of Art University continues producing some the best students to work in the entertainment industry as far as animation and other designs go. Should you decide upon a career in art, this university could be calling your name. They have been around since 1929 and offer courses in writing, motion picture, acting, and animation.

People have accomplished their dreams by attending this school. It is no wonder they are famous for what they do. Becoming part of that successful group definitely requires hard work and dedication for everyone.

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