Southridge Capital – Supporting those who need and those that succeed.

In difficult times, it is hard to see through the fog of individual, financial debt and the pressures to make ends meet. This pressure can impact individual mental health, relationships and general well being. Southridge Capital LLC is a revolutionary company, based in Connecticut, that have a team of professionals that will work with your individual needs to provide a financial solution and secure a brighter financial future. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital have a long history of financial support solutions and are available to review your particular circumstances. You can visit their web site and see all of the services that they provide to deal with your debt problems. Not only do they provide these services through some of the best professionals in the USA, but they do so at a price that can be comfortably afforded to help you break out of the debt spiral. You can keep up with the latest solutions through their website and through twitter at


Of course, Southridge Capital’s diverse financial solutions extend beyond the needs of individuals with debt problems, they also support fast moving and developing organizations in sustained organizational growth. An example of this can be seen with the provision of a financing facility of up to $15 million for the Plantation, Florida based Imaging Diagnostics Systems, Inc. (IDSI). For more details visit Crunchbase.


IDSI have developed an imaging device that will support the diagnostics, and enable the management of breast cancer. They are currently seeking FDA approval for their system and have been able to rely on a long, 9 year relationship of financial support solutions provided by Southridge Capital. By providing continuous financial support through this long relationship, not only have Southridge enabled IDSI to grow their business and develop this important technology, there are also providing benefits to the local community in fighting breast cancer and possibly to the medical community in general to facilitate this new, groundbreaking technology.



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