How to Earn Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is an idea or term coined by one Mr. Matt Badiali and based on real investment strategies that are minting good cash for the serious investors. Badiali is technically promoting his Real Wealth Strategist advisory newsletter publications and came up with this new term to explain the goal of his product, giving investment tips to investors. An investor is required to put in money then get a specified return on it periodically, monthly or quarterly, usually through Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Companies in the MLPs are publicly-traded limited partnerships that are concentrated in the gas and energy sectors. The companies have a caveat, they have to generate at least 90% of their revenues from the gas and energy sector either through, transportation, storage, processing, production or any other service provision activities that occur within this sector.

MLPs companies enjoy favorable tax rates meaning they give out much of their earnings, 90% of their revenues through dividend payouts, hence the Freedom Checks term comes in. an investor typically gets financial freedom from such companies as compared to others in non-gas and energy sectors that have higher tax rates. Most of the profits earned here end up in investors’ pockets, a return of between 5 to 9 percent range, rather than to the taxman, as they operate tax-free.

568 companies form the MLPs but only about five of them control resources worth over a billion dollars and guarantees good returns.

Freedom checks can be earned by anyone no matter their age, their current worth or salary they take home, so long as they position themselves to receive their checks by buying into the MLPs. The expected returns depend on the amount invested.

Less oil is being imported into the United States, hence the MLPs are expecting more revenues in the coming years, meaning the freedom checks will increase due to increased profits now and in the coming years. The checks are sent via mail or deposited with your investment broker. An investor does not have to pay taxes on the checks received, he/she is also free to sell his/her shares and be charged a lesser capital gains tax.

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