Robert Ivy Is A High Achieving Architect

Robert Ivy is currently working at the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and he is one of the most respected leaders to have ever worked there today. Many of his colleagues have spoken about his incredible dedication and presence in the work environment, including the president of the company.

The American Institute of Architects is home to some of the best designers around the world and they have nearly 2000 members at the organization today. Robert Ivy’s award has brought nothing but good things to the AIA as well, bringing the institute more awareness globally.

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Robert Ivy has maintained a positive stance as CEO and continues to drive new growth and expansion for the AIA every year he directs the company. He has a particular vision that he is trying to achieve when it comes to architecture and designing. The AIA follows a strict set of standards that are among the highest anywhere in the architecture world, which is why so many great architects and designers gather here. Membership is still on the rise at the organization, allowing all manner of designers, artists, and of course architects into the programs. Robert has many more years left before his vision is yet complete for AIA.

There has never been another architect that has won the Noel Polk Lifetime award like Robert Ivy, making him truly unique in his category. MIAL, the institute that issues the Noel Polk Award commended him for his incredible contributions and architectural designs that have impacted communities far and wide. Robert Ivy is considered a veteran in the industry today, with more than twenty years under his belt working in architecture as well as publishing. Another noteworthy accomplishment for Robert Ivy is his master architect title, held by only seven people since it was first created more than 100 years ago.

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