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How Kyle Bass Helped Crush A House of Cards

The sub-prime lending crisis prior 2008 was the result of mortgage cards stacked to resemble a strong structure, but literally built on nothing. It was going to collapse eventually, there’s no way around that. The principle is TANSTAAFL, There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Something doesn’t, and can’t, come from Nothing. That said, a house of cards will stand until a breeze comes along. In this case, the breeze came from Kyle Bass, an Argentine hedge fund manager currently based out of Dallas, Texas. Bass runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and uses this operation to manipulate stock values. He’ll have his special interest group set their sights on a pharmaceutical and through some backhanded legal means force that pharmaceutical to decimate their prices. When this drop hits Wall Street, Bass is sure to short-sell his holdings with the pharmaceutical company in question. This makes him millions in a way that essentially defrauds the sick from future developments of a kind companies with resources enough to make such discoveries happen can facilitate. It’s a drop in the Bucket on Bass, however. He hit the market betting against the house of cards that was America’s sub-prime lending market, and made a financial killing. The thing is, he may have been partially responsible for initiating the collapse.

Bass worked with Bear-Stearns until he no longer did. Sometime after he was released from the organization, Bass told a journalist with CSPAN that Goldman-Sachs had refused a routine transaction from them. The journalist asked a probing question on the air, even as Goldman-Sachs reversed its decision at virtually the same time. It was too late, however; the damage was done. The financial community of Wall Street lost confidence in Bear-Stearns, and by the end of the week, J.P. Morgan Chase had absorbed the bank.

The contested transaction was a routine novation. Novations are kind of like the transitive property in mathematics. If A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C. You’ve got to pay Steve, Jenny has to pay you. Let Jenny pay Steve and save some time. That’s the basic principle behind a novation, and in banking this will apply to things like mortgage-backed securities and cash. This mortgage-backed security is worth this much money, so you can exchange the two. There were no problems with any of the big banks, trust wise; they were all built on novations contrived from sub-par loans not worth what they were traded for. So when Bass pulled the table-cloth out from under the cards that March, they had finished falling by the end of the year.

Bass is hand-in-glove with socialist despot of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It would be more surprising if what he did were not informed by a socialistic financial assassination putsch.  The full scoop can be found at the following link:

Slyce and Shoe Carnival: The Deal of the Year?

Recently, visual product search platform giant Slyce struck the opportunity of a lifetime when they partnered with Shoe Carnival on March 22 of this year. The partnership was first reported on The deal will see Slyce launch a visual search technology project that will allow visitors to to snap a picture or several photos of any footwear, whether it is in our world or other sources like webpages or magazines, and with little to no time get any and all matching products that either directly related or closely related.

The Vice President of eCommerce at Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman, was very enthusiastic about the recently new partnership stating that Shoe Carnival is “very excited to be launching mobile visual search functionality with Slyce.” He then went on to state that partnering with Slyce help Shoe Carnival “stay ahead of the innovation curve” and offer their customers with “the most convenient shopping experience possible.” In a response to Zimmerman’s excitement, Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein stated that “this deployment by Slyce with Shoe Carnival represents another impressive milestone for our company.” He then went on to say that this newly struck deal “offers an exceptionally easy and intuitive experience for users.”

Slyce is a technology company that delivers sophisticated image recognition technologies to the world. They are focused on allowing a strong sales channel for major retailers and their respectable customers around the globe. By snapping photos of desired products using only mobile devices, Slyce allows its large customer base to interact with retailers. Once the customer snaps a photo of their desired product, Slyce then allows them to use their amazing visual search service to instantly find similar products from across the world-wide web.

Slyce is based in Toronto Ontario, Canada and was started in early 2013. Their founders are Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot. Slyce was launched at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company works with 6 of the largest 20 retailers in the United States. Slyce provides several different services including the Snap-to-Buy product recognition platform. When it comes to the shopping world, Slyce leads the pack and is often referred to as “The Shazam for shopping” by those who uses the company’s near perfect Shop-to-Buy application. Slyce has also developed visual search recognition technology – one being Relevancy Engine, which compares the attributes of a product and delivers products that are similar.

Chief of iFunding William Skelley included in ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders’

William Skelley who is the CEO of iFunding has been granted membership of the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ The first yearly dinner for this exclusive group is set to be held on January 27, 2016 at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York City. Michael Stoler is the brains behind formation of this group. He is the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital and also hosts the weekly television series “The Stoler Report: New York’s Business Report,” which deals with real estate business. The group also consists of the elites from leading real estate firms like Cushner Companies, CIT, Carlyle Group and Bank of America.

From his official blog, Skelley points out that iFunding is a real estate crowdfunding platform that has revolutionized real estate investing. It enables investors to make debt or preferred equity investments in opportunities that previously would not be easily accessed. It is completely free to create an account with iFunding so you can invest in real estate. The prices are much lower than other real estate investments as you can start your investment with $5,000. An iFunding app has been developed so you won’t have trouble investing and monitoring your investment. For each of the opportunities that you will seek, the approximate length of investment, location and profile of company involved is given. makes it clear the crowdfunding platform also provides webinars professionals at iFunding answer questions from investors and offer insights on opportunities. When you have identified your investment opportunity you will be able to sign the legal documents and make payments for it online. You can monitor the performance of your investment at the online dashboard. You will also receive email notifications on the same. The crowdfunding platform operates on a global basis as explained by its founder William. Investors are advised to get real, estate deals in various geographical regions as a way to reduce risk and meet their financial goals.

As he made clear in an interview Mr. Skelley acted as a principal at Rose Park Advisors prior to the establishment of iFunding in 2012. He was an executive intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital in his early years as a professional. He also worked at Olympus, and General Electric. He has been involved in giving advice to clients on transactions of more than $2 billion .William’s specialty is fundraising from accredited investors and family offices. He usually speaks at industry events and at conferences in institutions on the topics of real estate and crowdfunding. William lives in New York and also Boston with his family and is bilingual (English and Spanish).

Skout Helping Those In Need

Skout is a social networking and dating app that uses cell phone locations to find people that they find interesting based on viewing profiles. It recently celebrated National Chip Day on March 14, 2016, by using virtual donations sent by app users and converting those virtual donations into real donations to help those in need as reported by PR Newswire. An icon that looks like a bag of chips will indicate a gift that will be a donation. The donation will then be converted to cash and finally donated to the S.F. Marin foodbank. The goal is to get twenty thousand donations for the food bank. CEO and co-founder of Skout, Christian Wiklund said that virtual gifting is a favorite feature on the app and that they love to be able to give back to their home community. Skout recognizes that it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to pay bills and put food on the table. They have taken steps to elevate some of the needs of these families that live in the area in San Franciso, California.

The Skout app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Your cellphone’s GPS is used to narrow down the location of a match to a general area so no worries about someone being able to pinpoint your exact location. Skout also has built in safety protocol set for its teenage users to protect them from predators. The app is available to one hundred eighty countries, in sixteen languages.

The Skout app was created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Linstrom. Since it’s inception this social media site has grown significantly. Skout has also added some other premium paid features to its site including Skout Travel. Skout Travel allows users to meet others with matching profiles in other cities. Another added feature is Shake To Chat. A user will be matched on chat to other users that are shaking their phones at the same time. User profiles will remain anonymous for forty seconds after being connected. The popularity of these unique features will most likely lead to other premium services shortly. Skout reported last year that it has over ten million members and growing. No doubt we will hear much more from this increasingly popular social and dating app.

The rise of George Soros

George Soros is a very influential business personality based in New York. He is known for his financial proficiency on, successful businesses, an investor, and a philanthropist. He is mostly known as an American though he was born in Hungary. He is of Jewish descent and is both a citizen of the United States and Hungary.

George Soros’ Early life and education
George Soros was born to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz in1930. His father, who at some point was a prisoner of war in Russia, was a professional lawyer. Besides being a lawyer, he also had a passion for Esperanto, a language he tried to teach his son. In fact, his love for Esperanto made him change the family name to Soros, which is the future tense of “will soar.” When Soros was growing up, there was the German Nazi war in Hungary and during his early teenage years on, his father saw that it was too risky for them to live together as a family as they risked being killed. Therefore, Tividar decided that it was best they separated. Soros went away with his father while his two brothers went with their mother. He experienced the Battle of Budapest in 1945 but survived. In 1947, he migrated to England where he changed his names from Gyorgy Swartz to George Soros on nytimes.

George Soros joined the London School of Economics the same year he moved to England. He enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and after finishing the undergraduate studies, he pursued a master’s degree on the same subject. While at the institute, he met a philosopher named Karl Popper, whose concepts have had a significant influence on Soros’s
philanthropic activities.

Soros found it hard getting a decent job after graduating. He, therefore, settled for a job of a traveling salesman on Politico. He managed to get a job at Singer and Friedlander, which is a stock brokerage firm based in London. It is at Singer and Friedlander that he started his career in finance. He felt he was not earning enough money and decided to look for another job. He moved to New York and joined F.M. Mayer where he became an arbitrage trader for the company on the Wall Street. He specialized in trading European stocks. He left the firm in 1959. His financial prowess earned him a job at Wertheim & Co where he took the role of European Security Analyst. His work was noted, and this earned him the position of vice president at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. He left the job in 1973 to start his hedge fund company, the Soros Fund Management.

George Soros’s most recognized success is the Soros Fund Management. Soon after its establishment, Soros Fund Management grew to become one of the most successful hedge funds in the world and had grown to over U.S. $1 billion in value by 1985. Besides, the Soros Fund Management, he has successfully set one of the biggest philanthropic institution in the world, the Open Society Foundations. It has series of foundations in over 100 countries.

Cleansing Conditioner And Fine Hair Effects

WEN Hair is a popular brand of hair conditioner. I think it is safe to say that most of us have seen one of the commercials on TV. Like most hair product commercials, they feature women with beautiful hair. The type I bought was the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. Most products by Wen By Chaz are both shampoo and conditioners. This product is advertised on to be a great product so I expected it to be perfect. I heard rumors of bad side effects, but chose not to let them influence my decision to buy this. Initially, I was excited and decided to buy this product and do an experiment with it.

I paid $32 on ebay for the product and applied it to my fine/thin hair. My experiment was 7 days long. During those 7 days I used the recommended amount of cleansing conditioner that Wen recommends that people use. The recommended amount is far more than the amount I use to clean my hair, however that is just me personally. Over the 7 day time period I notice my hair got somewhat greasy, but on the seventh day my hair looked decent. Actually, a little bit better than decent, it looked better than all of the other days.

In conclusion, I think that this is a great product for anybody to purchase. I was sort of concerned that it was not performing as well as it should for a while, but it actually turned out to be fantastic. This product by Wen Hair By Chaz Dean performs the best if you have fine/thin hair and use it in your morning shower. This product will give you more shine in your hair, even if the results are not instant. I will definitely use and buy this product again. Highly recommended by me!





Ross Abelow: Fundraising To Help Strays Find Shelter

Finding reliable funding is an obstacle for most non-profit organizations. For these organizations, performing charity work is something that benefits society as a whole. Ongoing fundraising is needed to continue charity efforts such as rescuing stray pets, who often find themselves alone, hungry and in need of medical care on the cold, cruel streets of New York. Charity organizations who perform rescue actions such as this, are in constant need of items such as food, medicine and cleaning supplies on a daily basis. Since, funding for charity organizations rarely comes from one source; it’s struggle to continue performing this kind of in-depth charity work, due to limited financial resources.

In New York City, there is an ongoing need for additional funding to provide shelter for homeless pets. It’s beneficial when someone with an established presence in the business community cares enough about the cause to lobby on their behalf. Prominent Manhattan attorney, Ross Abelow, established a GoFundMe page to help with feeding and rescuing of homeless stray pets. The intended goal of the fundraising page is $5000. The monies raised will benefit outreach efforts to house stray cats and dogs, who are often left homeless on the streets of New York to fend for themselves during inclement weather.

Ross Abelow, principal attorney of the firm, Abelow & Cassandro LLP, which specializes in commercial litigation, family law and entertainment law is known in the community for his philanthropy campaigns. Besides his work in fundraising, Abelow also is an active consultant and adviser, offering his expertise online in the form of both a personal and a legal blog. His online presence extends to additional social media platforms, Abelow can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Mashable, as well.

Abelow focuses on helping animals that are overlooked by people as they stroll by. His interest in animals lead him to establish the GoFundMe fundraising. Because of the brutality and harshness of severe cold during the winter months mostly. But, these animals need care year round help for vaccines, Veterinarian care, medicine for overall health and for diseases such as mange and for flea and dog and cat collars. The funding will benefit all the neglected animals, who are found on the streets and in need of immediate attention. To obtain information about donating or to read more about Ross Abelow efforts to help house stray pets, please visit the page:

All About the Capital Restructuring | Madison Street Capital Video on Youtube

When times are rough, businesses start to wonder where they are able to turn to. Many businesses start out small, and most of the time, they need a little extra help along the way to ensure that their business will stay going strong. Many businesses however do not have the slightest ideal of where to start in terms of getting the things that they need done, done. There are loads of companies in this world, and all of them are fighting to make their business become a great success, so that means that there is a lot of competition out there for business owners. Finding companies who help other companies with capital funding can be hard. Especially when companies are helping out the bigger companies instead of the smaller ones.
When these troubles start to flood the market, it can be hard to know what to do with a company. Finding anyone, especially a business who is worthy of being trusted, can be proven to be a hassle. That is the reason why the staff at Madison Street Capital works hard to ensure that every company gets a fair chance, and that every company gets to make their business succeed in ways they never even thought possible. Being one of the few investment banking firms around who actually care about their clients and the unique needs of each client they have, it is easy to see how Madison Street Capital has become such a huge success.

Working hard to keep everyone happy, Madison Street Capital has been in the market for years, collecting information, and gathering resources, making them one of the best companies to go through. They have years of experience under their belt in terms of helping businesses, and they are doing great to this day with all of the hard work and big-time effort that they put into making every business owner’s dreams come true.

Madison Street Capital

These days, the biggest problem with companies is that they think about making money too much. They stop thinking about their clients, and meeting their needs to the fullest of their abilities. That is why so many have put their trust into Madison Street Capital. Everyone who watched the Madison Street Capital Youtube video knows that they are a company who can be depended on for anything.

Fashion with Fabletics


When it comes to fashion, women typically don’t want to wear clothes that are boring, plain, or uncomfortable-especially when it comes to athletic wear. There are options out there on the market that are cute, but they unfortunately become sheer way too quickly (which can make a downward facing dog quite embarrassing in yoga class). Some other options may include durability, but they lack that feminine style touch. Luckily, Fabletics understands the struggles women face while trying to find cute, durable, and comfortable active wear. Best of all, Fabletics is affordable, allowing all women to feel comfortable while getting fit.
Fabletics was created by Kate Hudson, a successful actress who is also known for her great style choices and interest in living a healthy and active life. Kate Hudson makes her brand personal, as she shares her own athletic wear picks each month, giving a heads-up to her friends on which items are top trending. Not only is Fabletics affordable, but they offer a convenient monthly subscription service that is super easy to follow. Each month, the customer gets to pick out an outfit that is to to be delivered to them for the monthly subscription price. What is great about this monthly subscription service is that it is totally flexible, meaning that the customer can opt out at any time she wishes. Or, if she would like a break from the subscription, she can request to take a month (or a few) off of the subscription. This is just another way that Fabletics caters to each woman’s unique lifestyle.
The items included in Kate Hudson’s fashion line are trending like crazy, as they are fun and vibrant (making is actually exciting to get ready for the gym). Not only are these athletic wear pieces fashionable, but they are super unique as well, including items such as leggings with floral print or geometric patterned yoga tights. The fabletics website makes it easy to find the active wear that best fits each woman, as they offer a lifestyle quiz that determines clothing items best for her workout routine, body shape, and taste in fashion. Fabletics keeps it fresh by adding new items each month, so the athletic wear is always on point. For more information about Fabletics, check out The Clothe’s Maiden.

Hammer Of Thor: Human Rights Activist Turns Around Fox News Interview, Making A Viral Video Worth Watching

A democratic socialist senator from Vermont is running for president. Bernie Sanders has an army of young people who use social media to their advantage in the support of the presidential hopeful. So you probably seen social media posts about Mr. Sanders. But no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you may want to check out a recent viral video on Reddit starring Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, on Fox News.

For some reason the hostess assumes that Mr. Thor Halvorssen is opposed to Bernie Sanders and his brand of democratic socialist. She couldn’t be more wrong. What she doesn’t know is that the human rights activist is an ardent supporter of Mr. Sanders and it is about to blow up in her face.

She starts the interview off strong, stating that Thor Halvorssen thinks socialism is a violation of basic human rights. She then asks him why it is a violation of basic human rights. To his credit, Thor Halvorssen stays calm the whole time, using the opportunity to educate the hostess and the viewers about socialism. Socialism, namely democratic socialism, is a form of government that can be used positively like in Sweden and Denmark, or to use negatively like in Venezuela. He explains that dictators can use any form of government to exploit their people if their power remains unchecked. Socialism in itself can be a tool for good or evil and is not inherently a violation of any human rights.

You can see that this frustrates the hostess who interrupts him in order to promote the idea that socialism is intrinsically bad. Thor Halvorssen tries to correct her again and she interjects, saying she does not want to get lost in the details. So Thor Halvorssen gets blunt. He hits her with the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and condemns Hillary Clinton for taking campaign contributions from human rights violating dictators. Republicans are no better, he says, verbally supporting the authoritarian actions of Vladimir Putin of Russia. That’s the explosive moment that makes this interview clip a viral video worth watching.