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The High Flying Career of an Investment Guru

Brad has had a very successful career in investment and entrepreneurship. He has single handed played a crucial role in the establishment and running of several organizations across the US. He hails from a long line of investors from which he attributes his serial entrepreneurship skills.

On CrunchBase it’s pretty clear that his high-flying career started in early 1980’s where he spent and dedicated much of his early life sharpening his skill. He started Reifler Trading Corporation while at Bowdoin College. The firm traded in international derivatives. He managed to steer the business to profitability despite having little experience and learning to buy online. At Bowdoin, he graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

Through his firm, Reifler managed millions of dollars in institutional research, discretionary accounts, information and global derivatives advisory services. In the process, the company one of the largest and most successful corporate in its category. Brad cashed in on his business at the turn of the new century at an enormous profit to the Refco Inc. group owned by his grandfather.

Brad had made his name as a reputable professional in the financial services sector, and the reputation he built there has led to his following on Twitter now. Even without his first company, he was still highly sought after for his expertise. He focused his efforts on Pali Capital, a private equity firm he had established five years earlier. On Wikipedia it’s apparent that he enjoyed a thirteen-year stay at Pali Capital serving as the Chief Executive Officer and head of strategy. He used his insights and expertise as well as extensive research to earn the business over $1 billion in commission revenues.

Pali Capital grew by leaps and bounds during his tenure. It employed more than 300 professionals across its offices in four continents of Australia, Europe, America and Latin America. However, Brad realized Pali Capital had reached its summit and left to establish Forefront Capital LLC. This new firm allowed Brad to look into the future and cement his legacy. Forefront has been structured to have several subsidiaries each specializing in its unique area. They made it their mission to offer differentiated products from their competitors and have achieved phenomenal success.

Forefront Advisory and lately Forefront Income Trust are the principal subsidiaries identified with Forefront Group. Due to Brad’s influence and stature in the industry, he can attract the best professionals and experts to his company. The presence of top investment bankers. Leaders and advisors make his company’s brand and service exceptional. Brad has created a cohesive working unit that works to find solutions and build relationships.

Forefront Capital runs like a family or community. Through the Forefront Income Trust, Brad intends to draw middle-income households towards investment opportunities. It is his way of giving an opportunity to segments of the society never regarded as investors before.  Considering the popularity of Brad’s 5 Tips for Investment article, he’s definitely going to go places.

Skout Is A Top Choice In Dating Applications

A top 10 list of dating applications would be helpful to anyone looking to find a date. Julie Spira has created her list of top dating websites, and the information can be found on the TCPALM website. The list includes several well-known dating applications, and Skout made the list as number 7.

No two people in the world are exactly the same, and this makes it difficult for a person to find an online dating network that they can use on a regular basis when they may not find everything they need on one network. One person may be looking for a specific type of date while another person only cares to get any type of date possible. If a network doesn’t cater to the people that are visiting it, then it’s possible that the person will move on and try to find another network to use to find dates.

Skout has been around for years, and the network has had a lot of success in helping people to find dates and friends. Some people have been able to find friends on the Skout network that they go out with and exercise with on a regular basis, and this would have never been possible without Skout. There are some people that have been able to create groups or clubs through the Skout network, and they have made very good friends with the people that have joined these groups or clubs.

Many have even learned about traveling to different international destinations by using the Skout network, especially when they access the Skout Travel feature. The Skout Travel feature has been around for a couple years now, and the feature is one of the most popular features of the application. Skout Travel allows a person to travel virtually and look into international destinations for travel by getting pictures, information, and even by meeting people who live in these destinations. The Skout Travel feature is the closest thing to traveling to a destination in person, and it’s a lot less costly when it comes to traveling the world. Skout Travel can be used on the website or through the Skout application.

Many love the fact that Skout is so diverse and allows them to do a lot of different things. If a person wants to date someone, then they can easily use Skout to find a date. When a person wants to socialize or make friends, then Skout can be their go-to network for this. Even if traveling is on the person’s mind, then Skout Travel is an excellent choice, even if the person can’t leave their home to do the actual traveling. Skout’s amazing application and the website is highly rated and praised by many of its users as excellent.

The New Age of E-Commerce gets a Christmas Present

Sear and Roebuck had the idea first with their giant mail order catalog. A way for those in distant places to receive, via snail mail, fashions and household goods which, formerly, were only available to in-store shoppers. For decades they set the standard for brick and mortar retail stores and held that position until the debut of discount retailers, K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Next it was E-Bay entering the scene and forever changing how we buy stuff. But now there is Slyce, Inc. which has added a new and different wrinkle to shopping. If you have the Slyce image recognition app on your android phone all you have to do is take a photo of anything you want and Slyce will find it for you. You can complete the purchase right there on your cell phone or at home on your lap top. What could be easier! Sear and Roebuck would have been proud of this achievement by Slyce.

If you are like the millions of shoppers who have purchased part or all of their Christmas shopping on line, this technology will seem like a terrific idea, and it is. But there are downsides to shopping on-line. Research shows that 75-85% of online purchases do not end in a sale. There may be an out of stock issue or an item, size or color which is not available, but with Slyce alternative choices are immediately offered to the E-shopper, in hopes of finalizing the sale. The idea that you can take a cell phone photo of an admired item and have Slyce find it for you bodes well for E-commerce but may be the death knell for brick and mortar operations.

In a recent article in Market Wired it was announced that Slyce has a new contract with a major toy manufacturer which effectively doubles the value of their earlier contract. Slyce, based in Toronto, Canada has a professionally produced video extolling the virtues of using their system, and in this age of conspicuous consumption by using Slyce our shopping duties have been greatly reduced.

We live in a time of following trends and styles. Styles and fashions presented on television and in the movies have dictated tastes for decades. Individualism has been replaced by a sense of trying to fit in and to not stand out from the crowd. It may be a sad reflection on our consumer based material society but Slyce sure makes shopping a whole lot easier.

Purina Beneful Dog Food: A Great Choice for Happy and Healthy Dogs

Purina Beneful Dog Food is a superb choice for pet owners who want only the best for their dogs. There are several varieties of both wet and dry dog food as well as treats. This is the brand to choose if you want to treat your dogs like true members of the family.

There are several delicious wet varieties to choose from. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice is made with real, quality ingredients. Dogs love the full, hearty flavors that are combine in this wet food. It is small and easily digestible to keep your dog satiated and content.

Everyone likes to spoil their pets sometimes, maybe even a little too often! That is where Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken comes into light. Although this meal is lighter on calories on, it is nutrient-rich and your dog will surely find this food scrumptious. It has a healthy mixture of flavors your dog craves and loves.

Another dry food that your dog is sure to love is the Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites with real beef. This formula was created with smaller dogs in mind. The kibbles are smaller yet tender and full of delicious protein to keep your little buddy strong, healthy, and energetic.

Beneful on amazon also offers a wide array of treats for your dog. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists come in an assortment of sizes from mini up to large to cater to all types of dogs. These treats fight plaque and tartar buildup. A touch of parsley will help freshen “doggy breath” and make owners and dogs alike smile.

Another treat your dog is sure to enjoy is Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors. Reward your canine companion with these tender and savory snacks. They’ll be sure to enjoy the soft and chewy centers with the flavors they enjoy most.

Purina Beneful’s main goal is to keep dogs happy and healthy. Only the best quality ingredients are selected to uphold the quality that you’ve come to know and trust from Purina Beneful.

Purina Pet Food Outshines the Competition

Purina has made it look easy to outshine the competition. There is a lot of dog food on the market today, and most people would agree that Purina is among the best. It reigns as a top dog food because it is reasonably priced and it has a lot of different varieties. There are bags of dog food on the market that cost more than $100 dollars. I know that I would never have to worry about paying that type of price for Purina brands, but I still get the same great quality. I think that Purina is also the company that has managed to provide dog food to consumers that is practical and innovative at the same time. The price is within the price range that most dog owners can afford, yet there is so much variety. People that have pets will be amazed by all the variety that is currently available. There are a lot of dog owners – like myself – that will consider all the different varieties that are offered by Purina. This company like Petco will become one of those organizations that can totally transform the health of pets that may not be eating well. I like the Purina brand, and I am fortunate that I discovered it as early as I did. Purina has certainly become very relevant in the pet store where I work. I see a lot of customers having a hard time making choices on the type of dog food that they will buy. I secretly tell them that Beneful is the best. I know that this is not exactly what I am supposed to do, but I feel like I can talk about my pets and what they like. It is not like bashing the other brands. I am just speaking from my own experience and letting customers know what my dogs like. Pet food flavors are certainly changing in major ways these days, but this is a good change. The variety of Purina flavors is growing. The market provides more options for dog owners to consider when they get pet food.

Why basketball Venture Is a Wise Investment

The development of sports has been the center of attraction for many people across the world. Many people have invested in sports with the aim of capitalizing on their individual potential. Many countries have also invested in the world of sports and have continued to flourish in world sports activities. There are many different types of sports across the world that involves professionalism to achieve the desired results. As such, professional sports personalities have evolved and taken sports to another level. Many organizations and association have emerged and have taken key interest in the development of sports. National Basketball Association is one of the leading basketball organizations in the United States of America. The association has evolved over the years to incorporate many different basketball teams in USA. NBA is considered the best harbor for teams seeking to grow and become among the leading basketball teams in the sports field. NBA on ESPN has developed mechanisms that have provided for many private citizens to own basketball teams by providing the necessary mechanism of operating a successful basketball team. The association has also partnered with the National Basketball League to organize different types of basketball leagues across America and reward the best team. Many notable teams have survived because of their good leadership structures and governance from the team owners. Majority of the teams are owned by renowned businessmen and rich people in USA. Bruce Levenson is one notable personality that has invested in basketball to a greater extent. After graduating from Washington University with bachelor’s degree in business administration, he later developed interest immediately in entrepreneurship and began investing in different types of business ventures. Bruce Levenson acquired the Atlanta Hawks and spearheaded the team into becoming one of the most notable team in the world. The team acquired the Philip Arena which is the training ground and the team’s official court. The ground has provided the best training condition and facilities that have made the team to emerge among the best teams in the league. Bruce Levenson later hired the services of Goldman Sachs who became the manager in charge of the facility training center. Through his good management spirit, Goldman Sachs scaled the performance of the team to become the best thus winning almost every game they played in the league. Due to the good performance of the team, many people developed interest in acquiring the team to maximize on its output. The team attracted many potential buyers who started inquiring on how to bid and become the successful owners of Atlanta Hawks. In addition, the team has attracted a lot of funds due to its good governance and performance in the basketball leagues of United States of America. This increased its earning making it highly priced in the capital market by increasing its stake in the national basketball league. After successful bidding, the team was to be sold at a cost of 850million dollars in January. But due to increased demands from buyers, the team was estimated to attract over 1billion dollars from prospective buyers. The Forbes magazine also priced the team as being among the best performing teams in the NBA.

Qnet is Spreading Across the World

Qnet has quickly become one of the largest companies located in Southeast Asia. Now, while the main headquarters is now in Hong Kong, the business itself started in Penang, an island in northwestern Malaysia. Being in the heart of Southeast Asia, it placed the company right in the middle of a very profitable region. Now, this does not mean the region is wealthy, because by all accounts it really is not. However, it is able to bring in a large amount of money based on the products it sells. It is all about products and product placement regarding this region of the country. It is also why Qnet has made a nice niche for itself in the region and why it looks to continue the trend.

Qnet is able to stay profitable in the region of the world based on what it sells to consumers. It reaches every single major demographic in the area by selling beauty products, weight loss supplements, sporting goods and kitchen items. This way, there really is something for everyone. By having a widespread connection to the people in the area of the world, it makes the name brand more desirable and helps it reach the large number of customers. With that being said though, it is all about blanket marketing the products to the customers.

In order to make sure everyone knows about the products, Qnet uses more of a blanket marketing approach. This approach is desirable as it reaches the largest number of possible customers in the shortest period of time. For starters, it is able to market itself in print advertisement and billboards that are seen by hundreds of millions of people throughout Southeast Asia on a daily basis. With marketing platforms set up in Bangkok and Jakarta alone, the company is able to reach over 20 million people. The company also markets in Kuala Lumpur, which is another major city in the region. All of this makes it extremely beneficial for marketing itself and is another helpful attribute for meeting more people and for making more sales.

Qnet is able to spread across the world thanks to the amount of money it brings in from sales. While the company originally started in just Malaysia, it is now in almost every major country throughout Southeast Asia outside of Singapore. Now, Singapore is an extremely difficult country to break into for a few reasons. The first and most important is because the country itself is a city state and doesn’t have much room for competition. The taxes to get into the country are extremely high as well, so it wouldn’t prove as profitable to move into a Singapore as it would a Vietnam or Laos.

The Company That Is A Cut Above; Eucatex

Eucatex has always been a cut above their competition, largely thanks to the brilliant minds in charge of the organization. They are genuinely concerned about the environment and want to help make a difference in sustaining a greener planet. A modest company that began as a simple panel plant has moved into numerous products all of which are derived from natural sources.

Since 1951 Eucatex has used the eucalyptus plant as the core of every one of their products. At the beginning acoustic solutions were what they concentrated on. These included wall and ceiling panels as well as flooring solutions.

Eucatex has realized its growth in staying true to its beginnings. Their present operations now encompass construction and furniture products. They produce a variety of packaging options, toys, doors, plates, and even cars. Linings and insulating products are all made from eucalyptus wood fibers.

The Maluf family were the founders of Eucatex and family still runs the company. Presently at the helm is Flavio Maluf. He is a mechanical engineer and takes the dedication to preserving the environment very seriously. Under Flavio’s examples includes a Forestry Unit.

The forestry unit of Eucatex is where seedlings are nutured. These seedlings are used to replenish the use of eucalyptus in their products. The company runs more than 44 hectares of forest in San Paulo, Brazil and is continually seeking new land for let or sale that they can expand in.

This alturistic approach to replenishing the environment is exactly what has earned them International Certifications and recognition as having the best practices in sustainable development. They have also been awarded the green seal by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Flavio Maluf has also spearheaded the efforts to enhance recycling by the company, something he proudly discusses on Facebook. He has been able to implement one of the first wood recycling lines of its kind. Eucatex has continued to seek the best ways to not only reuse what is old, but also to generate responsible ways to make the new.

As a company they have grown in their product lines and the means through which they produce them. As individual people, each and every employee of Eucatex has shown their dedication to the purpose and mission of the company. Giving of themselves to both company and community is what makes Eucatex a leader in their industry.

A family tradition of caring for both employees and environment is how they have continued to grow and get stronger. According to Flavio’s available data, Eucatex continues to push beyond their comfort limits in order to ensure that the environment is protected and that the products are cutting edge.

Home Cleaning for Busy Lives

There is just too much going on in the world these days. Long commutes. School activities. Business meetings. These things make for hectic days and busy evenings. Now pile on homework, proposals to work on and laundry. Dinner needs to be cooked and lunches packed. Who has time left to clean a house? If you do have the time, do you have the energy? Maybe it’s time to consider calling in a cleaner.

You want a professional cleaner from Handy who will get into the corners and remove the cobwebs. You need someone who knows how to sanitize your bathroom. When you get home, you want the house to smell clean and fresh. You also want all of this on your schedule. For you, a great cleaner would be one who came in while you worked, cleaned everything, and left before you got home. You don’t want the responsibility of having to meet them or interview them. You don’t want to leave cash out as a temptation to a thief. Finally, you want someone you can trust. This person needs to be reliable and careful. Handy Home Cleaning Services is here to help you.

Handy Home Cleaning Services knows how to run a business that caters to both clients and cleaners. For clients, interviews are handled and references are thoroughly checked. Your valuables are valuable to Handy on mapquest Home too. Our cleaners are vetted so that anything that is broken or damaged will be replaced. All you will have to do is give Handy Home your credit card information to keep on file. Then- relax.

For cleaners, Handy Home is a dream come true. There is no more futile search for clients. No more wandering, lost in an unfamiliar area miles from home to find a house. You will not have to deal with negotiating pay or handling cash. After you finish cleaning the home in the area you choose and on the time that you choose, you can tap your phone and get paid.

There is nothing like scheduling your work around your life. If you have a doctor’s appointment, you will not need a doctor’s excuse. You just schedule your cleaning time for later or earlier in the day. If your daughter is competing in a beauty pageant you can be there- no more missing important events because you had to work.

For a small percentage, Handy Home handles everything for both parties. So whether you need cleaning or you need to provide cleaning, let Handy Home Cleaning Services be your helping hand.

Slyce Is About To Get Their Mobile On For Shop Retailers

I am sure many of you out there know about the visual search recognition offered by Slyce. Some of you might have even used it before. Did you know there is going to be mobile options for shoppers and retailers now?

Some of the services are still in beta development; but, they are coming. They are coming quick. Slyce already offers picture value for their clients in either 2D or 3D. Now it’s going to get even better.

Why all the fuss?

Everyone knows the holidays are just around the corner. Retailers are looking to boost sales through online capital. Slyce is also looking to take a cut of the pie.

What can we expect with these new options from Slyce?

1) The scanners. A customer can scan anything from any store, even coupon codes. The scanner will read it to the system and bounce back results. Customers will know exactly when and where they can find certain items. This will cut down on the traffic and road rage of finding the perfect gift.

2) Coupon codes are transferred that much more easily. Just snap a shot of the coupon code. The coupon can be redeemed that much quicker. This is good for those who have coupons which are just about to run out.

What else can be done?

According to the article, consumers can find items that are out-of-stock. If a consumer can’t find a certain item, he/she locate a suitable alternative.


The holidays are gearing up. People are starting to shop earlier and earlier. More and more consumers are looking to buy online, instead of “beating the traffic.” This is why Slyce and retailers are looking to capitalize on visual search.

Many things are still in the works; but, the beginning buzz for all of this sounds very promising. If this turns out to be successful, more retailers might be looking to join the bandwagon. Online is where it’s at now. Brick and mortar stores are slowing becoming a thing of the past. Are you ready to join them?