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Acquisition and Expansion of the Firm

A Company that Embraces Challenges
For over 60 years, IAP Worldwide has managed to deliver amazing solutions to most demanding challenges of clients. This company offers a broad spectrum of solutions and services to international agencies, organizations and the United States. IAP Worldwide is a top service provider of groundbreaking technical, professional, facilities management and global scale logistic services. This firm has more than 2000 employees and serves over 25 countries all over the globe. IAP focuses on finding solutions for complex challenges that most public and private sector clients face from time to time. Additionally, this firm handles anticipated events such as natural disasters and overseas battlefields among others. All emergences raised by clients are attended to in good time to avoid further damages. IAP Worldwide oversees the operations and maintenance of military installations, civilian facilities and remote research laboratories.

Brief History of IAP Worldwide
This firm is founded in Irmo as a great firm that specializes in procurement and logistics. Initially, IAP Worldwide Company on Bloomberg focused on the supply of generators to the army of United States located in Saudi Arabia.This firm has managed to form a strong partnership with several military forces such as the United States Military due to its exceptional service provision. IAP Worldwide continues to provide services in global procurement, emergency disaster relief, mobile power generation services and transportation services. Being a top market leader, this company is responsible of government service contracts that can be approximated to $370 million.

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Recently, IAP Worldwide announced its acquisition of two leading business units namely DRS Technologies and Logistics enterprise located in Oklahoma City. The acquisition of these two business units is one of the lasting growth tactics that IAP Solutions has applied. This Company will be able to improve the quality and standards of services provided to clients as well as integrate both businesses. IAP Worldwide not only focuses on its growth but also the quality of services it provides to clients. The newly acquired enterprises are aimed at doubling the market size that IAP Worldwide addresses.

IAP Worldwide is made up of professionals who are committed to solve problems for clients by the use of unique experiences, knowledge and skills. The employees working for this firm are empowered with knowledge and resources to enable them deliver services safely and effectively thus contributing to successful outcomes. This has been the main driving force behind the success and growth of this organization.

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Thor Halvorssen Civilizing The World

Thor Halvorssen is a dedicated social rights activist. Eleven years ago, in 2005, he launched the Human Rights Foundation in New York. Today, at the age of 39 he is still the president of the successful organization. The idea of fighting for human rights runs in his family for many generations. His own parents suffered for being active. His father was tortured in prison for revealing government corruption in Venezuela. His mother was shot during a demonstration against Hugo Chávez. The Weekly Standard discusses how Halvorssen himself has been severely beaten for the cause. He believes that human rights are not something that can simply be discussed but people who want to be involved have to get dirty and take action.

Despite his troubled history, Thor Halvorssen keeps a positive outlook on life. He does not subscribe to the same gloomy attitude that many of his contemporaries do, hating people. He genuinely loves people and it shows. While he is often looked at as right wing, he does not agree with that assertion. He considers himself a classical liberal and rejects any conservative labels thrust on him. It is not liberals or conservatives he is battling against, however, it is dictators in general no matter which way their policies lean. He does not even inquire about the political affiliations of the twelve people who work for him. The cause is about ridding the world of tyranny, it does not matter what drives a person to strive for the goal.

Over half of the world is still under the control of one dictatorship or another. Thor believes that needs to change. He and his organization have so many potential projects that they pass over corruption in democracies altogether. There are much worse things happening in the world to be concerned with to be concerned with minor problems in a system that sufficiently preserves the majority of human rights without external influence. Learn more about Halvorssen’s film making efforts on his IMDB profile.

White Shark Media Is Improving Their Company To Handle Major Complaints

Google’s Search Engine Marketing and PPC service Adwords, is a key component for both small businesses and large enterprises to market their products across the internet. But using AdWords effectively is a task that few companies are able to handle while doing the day-to-day operations of their business.

So when they need someone who can create PPC and SEM AdWords campaigns, most companies turn to White Shark Media, a company that does all of that for them and delivers high quality results. White Shark Media is actually one of Google’s top Small Business Partners for AdWords and have many clients that they have helped get to the top of Google’s SEM rankings.


White Shark Media has made many people happy with their work, but there have been problems they’ve had to address over the years as well. One area they’ve improved in is communication. In the early years of their existence, some customers felt that they were not given enough information on how their AdWords campaigns were doing, so White Shark Media setup a reporting procedure to tell customers where to go to see detailed reports, and see how capaign keywords were doing. Also, White Shark Media schedules more online meetings for customers for monthly reviews of their AdWords campaigns.

Clients are no longer forced to start up from scratch when they hire White Shark Media to create campaigns. White Shark Media’s customers come from all backgrounds with regards to Google AdWords.

Some are brand new to AdWords, but others have used it before with some success, and when a client’s current AdWords campaign is doing fairly well, it may not be necessary to get rid of all of it.

So White Shark Media Complaints team now allows clients to decide if they want to keep any parts of their old campaigns. In addition, customers no longer need to start over with a brand new AdWords account if they want the White Shark Media to work with their current account.

Getting started with White Shark Media is simple. All you have to do is go to their website, and in the menu you can go to get a no-obligation free evaluation of your current AdWords campaigns.

If you don’t have an AdWords account, you can speak with a representative who’ll tell you what White Shark Media can do for you. If you’re pleased with the evaluation, you can hire White Shark Media right away.

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This Woman Used Wen by Chaz And This Is What Happened

A woman wrote about her experience using WEN hair cleansing conditioner. In the article, she posted a before picture and then chronicled her seven day journey. By the end of the first day, she wrote about how her hair looked shiner and bouncier after she used the product.
She continued to write about how the product affected her hair, and by the last day she said her hair stilled looked great. She also mentioned how the conditioner is great for people with fine hair.

About Wen By Chaz
Wen by Chaz Dean is a popular line of hair products. The company sells products that are designed to make hair look better, feel better and healthier. For example, the company sells a texturing treatment spray, styling cremes and cleansing treatment to name a few. The products the companies sell are formulated with various ingredients of high quality. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Wen hair by Chaz was created by famous Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean. He is known for his skills and for his own hair, which is considered to be healthy. He also is known for creating products that work and there are a number of celebrities who have or still using Wen by Chaz products. Visit the Wen hair website for more info.

The products are sold online via Amazon, in Sephora cosmetics and a number of select retail stores.

Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Expands His Practise and Interests

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has earned the reputation of an excellent dentist with his dental practice in New Jersey. Several years in a row, he has been honored as Best Dentist in the community. He opened his office, Old Bridge Dental Care, in 1999, and became founder, manager, and dentist in an expanding business.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University and received a BA in biology and psychology and a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. So far, he is using only one of his degrees.

But for 15 years, Dr. Weisfogel was also exploring sleep disorders, which involved using his psychology degree. He was learning how dentists and physicians could help patients with sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep where he and his wife work. This company of Dr. Weisfogel’s was designed to inform other physicians and assist them in establishing their own sleep labs where disorders could be diagnosed.

In 2012, this enterprising dentist established the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, where he spoke and taught dentists in the practice of assisting and serving patients. In 2014, he founded Dental Sleep Masters in order to offer more information for sleep disorders that used oral appliances for treatment.

Dr, Weisfogel’s career is dedicated to helping others, being an expert in dentistry, and healing sleep disorders. He is trusted by thousands of patients as he helps both patients and physicians.

Philanthropist and Charity Work

Giving began for Dr, Weisfogel with a page for the intentional charity, Operation Smile. He and his wife were so amazed at all that they did throughout the world. Operation Smile is a program that was started in the Philippines. Medical professionals banded together to operate on children with deformities, and to date, they have performed over 250,000 free surgeries.

Social Media

Dr, Weisfogel is still expanding his dental and sleep disorder careers, but he often uses the Internet and social media including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to share his business and new ideas. Avi likes being able to reach out and touch more people because the more he can touch, the more he can help.

Igor Cornelsen’s Insight on Brazilian Banking

Igor Cornelsen is an investment expert and a Brazilian banker. He is the CEO of Bainbridge investments. As an investor, he trusts that having a long-term investment that brings in profits regularly is vital. According to Cornelsen, investment is a career whereby the investors must be ready to put their money in various portfolios for many years so that they can receive returns on their investments.

Being the expert that he is, Igor Cornelsen offers advice to individuals who are planning to venture into various economic sectors. One such sector is banking, where he has provided numerous pieces of information. He believes that before one thinks of investing anywhere, they should be aware of the basics.

Cornelsen’s 4 Quick Tips on investing in Brazilian banking:
There are ten major players in Brazilian banks. Brazil is not only the biggest economy in South America but also the eighth largest in the world. Behind this success are ten leading state and privately-owned investment and commercial banks. Some of the interestingly fastest growing banks include Banco Itau, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Santader, Banco J Safra, BTG Pactual, and Banrisul. Since its merger with Unibanco, Banco Itau is growing tremendously.

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The real value of the “real”
For several years, Brazil has had an overvalued currency. This factor has led to the loss of value of the exported goods and has developed an enormous current account deficit. In the past two years, the Central Bank of Brazil had to sell dollar swaps in local markets so as to avoid fast depreciation of the real.

The new administration may be less interventionist and as a result, the real might continue to lose value, at a slow pace. This will trigger the investments in industries, making exportation of manufactured products from Brazil more competitive. Also, the disequilibrium in the current is likely to decrease.

A fresh face may change things
Following the appointment of Joaquim Levy as the finance minister, banks are likely to benefit. He is known for his views on fiscal reforms, which contrasts those of Dima Rousseff. He has a Ph.D. from Chicago University and has vast experience at the IMF. Due to these qualifications, he is probably a shrewd policymaker and thus will bring the positive effect to the private sector. While Joaquim’s appointment is hopeful, the effects are yet to be felt.

Pay attention to China
China is Brazil’s primary trading partner. The two countries’ economies are intrinsically interconnected. When the China’s economy is stronger, then Brazil’s economy will also be strong. However, China is also Brazil’s export biggest competitor. As an investor, it is important to understand all the connected markets to the country. This way, you will have a clear understanding of your investments.

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Take Jim Hunt’s System to the Next Level With VTA Publications

Within the finance and business world, Jim Hunt is a man known for good work and positive results. While climbing his way higher in the finance industry, he’s become one of the top minds and continues to reinvent himself into the most efficient path for success and teaching others along the way. He’s created streamlined, elegant system and when used with VTA Publications the user is going to grow exponentially with regards to understanding markets, business, and finances.

When entering the world of finances for the first time, or if you need to learn about new types of markets, sectors, or even trading strategies, it’s important that one does not begin to lose confidence even if at first the amount of information bombardment can seem overwhelming. In fact, confidence is likely one of the key parameters that makes a good trade, businessman, or financial expert actually good at what they do. The trick, of course, is to not confuse confidence with arrogance. Strategies combined with confidence will bring the greatest success.

With VTA Publications, a company founded in 2012, the move from curiosity to confidence and skepticism to strategist is simplified and made exceptionally efficient. From retirement planning to confidence building, from day trading to options strategies the company and it’s website are here to serve its user base and accelerate them into positive results.

Products from the U.K. based company are available and contain fundamental as well as strategic information about how to accelerate one’s personal finance position. Additionally, VTA Publications releases a blog that will promote your self-actualization potential and supporting your abilities to tackle tasks that were once obstacles and limitations before.

If you’ve decided to take hold of your own financial situation, following Jim Hunts advice and gathering the information that VTA has made available is a great place to begin.  You can also check out Hunt’s YouTube which has further tips and advice.

Continued Growth in the New York Real Estate Market is Good News for Town Residential

Real estate is a huge part of the New York economy. There is only so much space in New York City, and demand is always high. A great real estate development can net a company millions of dollars in just a few short years. There are always several exciting real estate developments coming to the city in the next few years. These real estate developments will have a major impact on New York City.

43 West 47 Street, Manhattan is an amazing development from Boris Aronova. This development is a 17-story office building. The development has more than 57,000 square feet of space. This development will be incredibly successful because of the huge demand for office space throughout the island. Businesses throughout the area should be excited about this new development.

827 Broadway is another upcoming Manhattan development. The building will be 14 stories and located in the heart of Greenwich Village. The development is a mixed-use facility, featuring both office buildings and retail facilities. Retail locations will be found on the first three floors, and top eleven floors will feature office space. This facility will feature 69,000 square feet and will add needed retail space to the area.

Development plays a huge role in New York City’s growth, and Town Residential is a major player in this market. Town Residential launched just five years ago, and they have already built an amazing reputation. Town specializes in selling leasing luxury residential spaces. They work with developers throughout the city to create these spaces. They want all their customers to be satisfied and will continue to negotiate with the developer until the customer is thoroughly satisfied.

Town Residential has grown rapidly over the last five years because they stick to their principles when it comes to NYC properties. Town has assembled a team of top professionals that have the knowledge and experience necessary to serve their customers well. Town hopes to grow for years to come.

The New York Real Estate market is continuing to grow, and smart real estate companies are vital to that growth. Town Residential hopes to play a vital role for years to come.

Reasons why IAP Worldwide as out shined other companies

IAP Wordwide Services is an entity that does not only offer services and products so as to make a profit; the firm also wants to make the world a better place for each one of us. The entity has been in existence for more than half a century now. Because of its experience in the industry, it has been able to outshine many companies offering the same utility and service.

The company has been able to get the biggest portion of the market mainly because they meet the demands of clients round the clock. The firm is also well equipped, and thus many of the activities are automatized. This has enabled the company to offer high-quality services. With the availability of better and efficient means of transport, the firm has also been able to serve their clients located in different parts of the globe anytime they ask for their help.  Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information and IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

IAP offer logistic services to their customers. Because of this it require the latest modes of transport so as to deliver goods in the shortest time in different regions. The firm has helicopters and Airbuses which help a lot in carrying out logistics.

The company also made all sector more efficient and economical when they purchased two units of DRS Technologies which deals with logistics. By so doing the firm has been able to cater for a broad range of clients. The two entities have also combined forces and expertise thus, facilitating rendering of high-quality service.

The company is currently constructing the first Space launch base in the United States. It is designed for the future market. The company will able to make a good amount of cash from the project in the near future when people start touring the space.

One of the biggest IAP Worldwide Services clients is the government. The company has been providing logistic services to the US army for a very long time now. When the military is relocating to other parts of the globe the firm offer helicopters and Airbuses which are used to transports their products to different destinations. IAP has made a right amount of cash out of the project thus, making it more profitable.

Apart from that the firm also has a power plant which generates power using various means. IAP World Services has been providing power to the military in a number of camp sites across the globe. The entity also offers power to people faced with major natural disasters.

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Dick DeVos Makes More Charity Donations

In West Michigan it is known that the status of your wealth is not how much money you have but how much you give. Recently it has been revealed that Dick DeVos has donated approximately $1.2 billion during his lifetime. As a result he has established himself as one of the biggest philanthropists in Michigan and the entire United States. With his donations DeVos has been ranked 20th out of the top 50 charity givers in the United States according to Forbes. With this ranking, DeVos is hoping that his philanthropic activities encourage more wealthy individuals and families to give more money for charitable causes.

Dick DeVos has been not only one of the most generous philanthropists in America but he is also among the most successful business people as well. DeVos was the chief executive officer of the direct selling company Amway. As well as being the CEO of Amway he has also been the owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team and also ran for governor in the state of Michigan. Therefore Dick DeVos has established himself as a very well rounded individual in both business and politics. With these accomplishments and experiences Dick has become among the most influential businesspeople as well.

In terms of charitable giving, Dick has provided much of his financial resources for a number of causes. One of the main causes that DeVos donates to is the arts. For many years DeVos has donated funds to fine arts institutions as well as events that give artists an opportunity to showcase their work. With his donations, Dick has been able to provide funds for professionals development programs for those who manage these institutions. With his donations the arts institutions have had the opportunity to improve their operations as well as give management the assistance it needs to add more events to for their organization.


Another cause that DeVos has donated to is education and capitalist activities. Over the course of many years, Dick has provided funds for business school in the form of scholarships. These scholarships have helped a number of students attend and complete business school. As a result they have been able to increase their knowledge and attain advancement in their careers. Along with providing scholarships, DeVos has provided money for individuals and companies to start up, acquire inventory, purchase property and have the resources they need to make their business successful. Therefore Dick DeVos has clearly given a lot back to his community and helps it become a better place.