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Shaygan Kheradpir To Serve As The New CEO Of Coriant

Coriant has a new chief executive officer. The company has enlisted the services of Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan has succeeded Pat DiPietro who is the former CEO of the corporation. Pat shall be the company’s chairman. Shaygan’s relationship with the senior management of Coriant must have informed his appointment as the new CEO. Formerly, Shaygan worked as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partner, which owns Coriant.

Shaygan worked as an executive at GTE and Verizon. At Verizon, Shaygan played an instrumental role in rolling out FiOS FTTH service. At the time, Shaygan was the company’s chief information officer while also working as the executive vice president. The FiOS necessitated a capital investment that was in excess of $20 billion.

In his new position, Shaygan shall help grow the company against its competitors such as Cisco, Ciena, Infinera and Alcatel-Lucent. According to IHS Infonetics report, there was a reduction of 11% in Coriant’s optical revenues in 2014. The report continued to say that ZTE, Ciena and Infinera registered impressive gains of 26%, 12% and 23% respectively. In a separate IHS infonetics report, there was reasonable information to show that Coriant is positioned to zero in on large customers as well as carriers given that it is expected to leverage on its success in supplying packet-optical systems.

Over the years, Coriant has been registering impressive wins on its deals with different consumers, especially international carriers. These carriers comprises of BSNL, China’ Unicom, Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC) and Australia’s NBN. As the new CEO, Shaygan is expected to augment the company’s sales of the equipment in order to meet the expectations of the service providers. These expectations are the deployment of long haul transport, build outs of cloud infrastructure and up scaling data centers. The other expectations are enhancing the 100G to coherent metro’s multi-terabit and upgrading mobile back haul in order to create room for deployment of 4G and 5G. This information was originally mentioned on Fierce Telecom as posited in the following link

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Previously, Shaygan worked at the Barclays Bank. However, his career began at the GTE Laboratories. He started by managing, controlling and routing networks. Later, he was promoted to serve as the chief information officer. When GTE became a unit of Verizon, Shaygan started working as the president of a new division known as the E-business. Shaygan is an alumnus of the esteemed Cornell University where he pursued his undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD in electrical engineering. Shaygan was born in London, raised in Iran for a while before pursuing his high school studies in Switzerland. After graduating from high school, Shaygan moved to the United States. This information was originally published on as provided in the link below

Crystal Hunt Joins All-Star Cast in “Magic Mike XXL”

Crystal Hunt is well known for her roles on daytime soap operas and has received critical acclaim for her work. Her performance as Lizzie on Guiding Light earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Now she is returning to the big screen, starring in Magic Mike XXL. This sequel to the 2012 hit Magic Mike, follows the main character’s decision to end the boredom of retirement and reignite his career, to the delight of fans such as Crystal Hunt‘s character, Lauren. Channing Tatum reprises his role as the enigmatic Mike Lane.

The career of Crystal Hunt started at a very young age. Originally from Florida, she began by performing at pageants and in commercials for Disney. She enjoys portraying strong female characters and her role in Magic Mike XXL is an empowered woman who speaks her mind. She compares the atmosphere on the movie set with her experience in working on the reality based, Queens of Drama, which focuses on the lives of six actresses working together to develop a new television series.

Crystal Hunt has previous movie acting experience having appeared in The Derby Stallion in 2005 and Sydney White in 2007. She looks forward to working with the all-star cast of Magic Mike XXL.

Brian Bonar: He Has All The Tools

Brian Bonar recently was awarded the highly coveted and prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. This is an award that means a great deal to him and something he takes a lot of pride in, as he knows what he does, his employees know what he does, but respect from others is always a great thing.

It can be hard to achieve respect from others. As they say, respect and trust are hard to gain and easy to lose. All of the work he has been doing for over thirty years has paid off and this is just validation of that.

When it comes to this award, they look for three things: professional accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities. When it comes to professional accomplishments, I would say almost thirty years in Finance sticks out to me.

The world of Fiance isn’t for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. However, Brian Bonar has always been right there in the field, working hard, and putting his nose to the grindstone. He gives it his all and doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. He just keeps pushing, keeps fighting, and keeps looking for new and innovative ways to keep the Fiance world afloat, surviving, and thriving.

When it comes to academic accomplishments, Brian Bonar has always taken school and education very seriously. He knows that it gives you all of the tools needed to succeed. The minute you think you know everything, you are in serious trouble. Read more: The New Frontier and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

There is always something out there to learn and more information to be gained. Brian has always been willing to learn from anyone that has something to offer him in terms of knowledge and school. He holds a Ph.D as a matter of fact, so that shows you his level of education.

Finally, there is leadership. As the CEO, you are the leader of your team of men and women. They look to you for guidance, support, and help. He has always been an honest, fair, and reliable boss. He knows what to look for in employees and how to get the best out of them. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and–inc./salary/470203

He is not a yeller or a screamer. He doesn’t want his employees to walk on egg shells around him. He wants them to feel at ease, comfortable, and ready to take on the job with confidence. He believes in building them up, teaching them, and working with them, and then letting them do the job on their own.

He trusts his employees and knows they can handle it. He lets them go to work after showing them how to do it and stays out of their way without hovering over their shoulders every second.

Thanks For The A+ Beneful!

Mrs. Neily was always trying to get us more interested in class. I remember working on all sorts of weird projects and still watching the clock after a few minutes of class time had passed. All that changed when we got Pup. Mrs. Neily brought in a rescue puppy for our class to learn and grow with and put us into groups, each responsible for getting information about a different part of his care. Stacy and I got nutrition. Easy? No! After abut 15 minutes of surfing the internet, we were overwhelmed with information about food options that seemed more like mysteries than real food. “People feed their dogs this stuff?” Stacy nudged me. I shrugged, thinking the same thing. Then, we found Beneful on Wal-Mart supermarket. Yes! We turned in our assignment explaining what we’d found and why we wanted to choose Beneful for Pup.

Beneful Puppy – 0 of nutrients; it’s calcium rich and has DHA to help with brain development and vision. Perfect for him while he’s a puppy, without any extra stuff we found in the other dog food we researched.
• Beneful Healthy Weight – 0 of nutrients but with  fewer calories than the other flavor options. This one is a smart choice to have if weight is an issue for Pup later on.
Beneful Orignals With Real Beef – 0 of nutrients; antioxidant rich. Exactly what Pup will need when he gets old enough to stop eating Beneful Puppy.
• Beneful Originals with Real Salmon – 0 of nutrients plus Pup will have a shiny coat.
• Beneful Incredibites With Real Beef – 0 of nutrients and has bites that are just right for small dogs. Just in case Pup doesn’t get really big, he’ll still have tasty, healthy food. Our source is the Beneful amazon page.
Mrs. Neily read over our report and gave us a huge smile. “Great work you two! Guess what dog food we’ll be feeding Pup?” “Beneful?” we asked in unison. “I trust Beneful for my dogs at home and I know with Beneful, Pup will get the best possible nutrition throughout his entire life.” Thanks for the A+ Beneful!

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Securus Offering New Technology In Correctional Facilities

Dallas-base Securus Technologies is on the cutting edge of prison and criminal justice techonology solutions. The company provides a wide array of video and telecommunications tools are fully integrated and advanced.


Securus has contracted with hundreds of sites within the prison industrial complex to provide video chat, phone calls and investigative and monitoring tools. This web-based technology according to PR Newswire provides system performance and increases user experience.

The company has created a new system to help bring inmates together with loved ones right in the privacy of their own home. The video visitation tool allows individuals to log in right from the web. The application can be downloaded on the computer, iPod or iPhone.

The video visitation tool eliminates having to travel long distances, pay for gas and wait in long lines outside the prison. The application can also give the inmate the feeling of being at home. With the remote camera, you can see your loved one while you talk with them. Nothing can be more convenient than than that.

Video visitation can be scheduled in advance. And there are fees associated with the call. Charges are $9.99 for a 30-minute slot or $19.95 per month. Securus says they are working to make the software as affordable as possible.

As it appeared on PR Newswire‘s article, Securus offers many options to pay for the video online. They accept credit and debit cards and inmates can even pay out of their own account. The inmate’s love one will be required to set up an account.

“We believe this is a great way for inmates to stay in contact with loved ones,” said a Securus spokesperson. “It has been proven that individuals who maintain direct contact with loved ones are less likely to reoffend.”

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Laidlaw & Company: Choosing A Trusted Investment Banking Firm

As one of the most reputable investment banking firms in the industry, Laidlaw & Company has provided services to numerous clients around the world. This firm has over 170 years experience in the field and is dedicated to providing top notch investment advice and guidance. Laidlaw & Company believes in honesty, integrity and transparent transactions.

Laidlaw & Company renders vast range of traditional and alternative investment solutions and outstanding service. Laidlaw & Company’s executive management James Ahern seeks out clients who are high net worth individuals or institutions. Laidlaw & Company has Wealth Management Division, which is perfect for those looking for high quality investment services and solutions. They offer high net worth clients the chance to get involved in their premiere investment opportunities.

When I consulted them for Portfolio Management and other financial services, I had a pleasant experience and was completely satisfied with the level of service I received. The professionals at Laidlaw & Company are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients. And due to my consultation with the advisors at Laidlaw & Company, I was able to reach my goals quicker than I expected.

I discovered that Laidlaw & Company seeks to preserve their client’s capital through diversification. They believe that security selection and asset allocation are extremely important when it comes to determining investment performance.

They allocate their client’s investment fund across a wide array of well research asset classes, helping to maximize their return potential while managing their exposure to investment risk. Their financial planning is designed with their clients’ needs in mind.

When it comes to choosing a great investment banking firm, Laidlaw & Company is your clear choice. Visit their website to learn more about the various investment solutions and financial services they offer.

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Coca-Cola Stops Production in Venezuela

Add Coca Cola products to the list of things that Venezuelans will soon be going without. FEMSA, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the Latin America, will be suspending production in Venezuela due to the shortage of sugar. On Thursday, FEMSA issued a statement saying, “Ninety percent of the production requires sugar. We are not going to shut our central office right now. We are not leaving Venezuela,” reports La Patilla Daily.
FEMSA Coca Cola is not the only company to suspend production according to expert Norka Luque. Most foods and ingredients needed to manufacture necessities are imported. With the economic crisis worsening, imports and food aren’t coming in to Venezuela. Because of this, manufacturers across the country are shutting their doors. In April as reported by Dateas, Polar Group, Venezuela’s largest private company, shut down production of beer citing a shortage of barley. In response to the high amount of companies suspending production, last week, President Nicolas Maduro again threatened government seizure of closed factories and to imprison their owners.


Why Lime Crime Has Two Million Followers

Entrepreneurship is different than it was several years ago. A company such as Lime Crime can rise to fame with methods that would have been unthinkable and impossible a few short decades ago. Their use of social media serves as the exemplar for reaching people and making them feel comfortable. In this article, it is reported that Lime Crime has acquired two million followers on Instagram. This company is able to reach out to millions of people on a personal level. Rather than serving as a disconnected big business, Lime Crime stands on the foundation of the adoration of its’ customers.  Follow them on Instagram yourself @limecrimemakeup.

A Community
In the linked article, it is pointed out that many companies will use their social networking website as an opportunity to sell something to their customers. It is nothing more than a business transaction. Lime Crime has shifted away from that impersonal and disconnected environment. They believe that it is more important to establish a community of people who are united behind a common ideal, and that ideal will inevitably lead to more sales and a greater adoration among their fans. It is quite a brilliant maneuver. It transcends the relationship between business and customer.

Makeup On Skin Tones
One of the most frustrating struggles of purchasing makeup is not knowing how it looks on a skin tone. This often results in a long process of trial and error until one finds the makeup that works best. Lime Crime has abruptly set a new standard for the cosmetic industry. Now, women can take a look at makeup as applied to a variety of different skin tones. She can find one that closely matches her complexion and assess which tone of makeup she should select. This saves customers a lot of time and money.

To Lime Crime, makeup is not merely a way for a lady to adorn her face and to look more beautiful. It is a form of artistic expression. She is telling the world something about herself when she applies makeup. She is expressing her personal creativity. That is how they have acquired so many fans.  Find their Velvetines on Amazon.

Beneful Dog Food Getting A Revamp

Today, most pet owners prefer their dogs to have food similar to what is put on the family table. A number of dog food companies are adding ingredients to make food look and smell like human food.
Beneful, owned by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare, has come under fire recently for some of its ingredients. When Beneful was introduced in 2001, it quickly became one of the highest-selling dog foods on Wal-Mart.

One ingredient, propyyne glycol, which is often used in both human and pet foods is FDA approved. The unfortunate part is many people have confused it with ethylene glycol (anti-freeze)- a substance that can kill pets if ingested. Beneful critics have also argued that dyes and mycotoxins are found in the foods. These ingredients are minuscule and have virtually no effect on pets. In fact, the FDA allows minimal levels.

A class action suit was brought against Nestle Purina PetCare in 2015, and many of these issues were raised. Litigants said that their dogs and cats were falling ill due to certain ingredients in the food. The company calls the lawsuit frivolous and says they have no intentions of settling.

According to company spokesperson Janet Jackson, Beneful’s foods are being completely reformulated for reselling on Amazon. She says the change has nothing to do with the pending lawsuit. Jackson says the new and improved foods will hit the shelves on May 9, and full distribution across the U.S. will be in August.

Sugar will also be removed from the foods, as well as the propylene glycol. All of the changes will be made to the dry dog food. With the wet foods, everyone will have to wait. Visit for more info.



Solo Capital Markets And Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a company that was made from his idea of starting his own investment firm. Shah started off as a young man with a lot of potential. His family saw him as a doctor, and that had a big influence in his decision to study medicine. When Shah was in college he learned that numbers were his passion, and he wanted to be able to work in the financial sector. Shah decided that he was going to change his major, and he began to study accounting.

After graduation Shah was able to begin working at some of the most well known banks in all of the word. He quickly became a trusted investment banker, because it was obvious that he was skilled in banking, and that he was a man that could handle important financial decisions. In 2009 there was a huge financial crisis, and Shah found himself without a job. Shah had no idea what he was going to do, so he decided that he was going to start his own investment company. That is how Solo Capital came about.

Solo Capital deals in professional sports investments, property trading, and consulting. Solo Capital Markets was incorporated in 2011 and they have had huge success since the companies conception. In 2015 alone, Solo Capital Markets was able to make over 15 thousand euros in net gains. Solo Capital has its headquarters in London, but they work with different businesses all around the world.

Sanjay Shah owns dozens of different businesses all around the world. Sanjay Shah is not just a wealthy business owner, but he is also a loving husband and father. Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years old, and that made Shah investigate the disorder. Shah founded Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that investigates Autism and donates money to foundations that help individuals with Autism. Apart from that, Shah is also a very giving philanthropist.

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