Allegations between Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry

The Atlanta Hawks have filed a lawsuit against general manager Danny Ferry. The Hawks cited “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts” as breaches of contract on September 13, 2016. When asked about the civil action, a Hawks representative stated that the complaint and principal parties are under control. The issue began with a six-year, $18 million contract with ambiguities that sparked the dispute between both parties. In 2015, court documents declared that his actions were indeed in bad faith and that subsequent proceedings were to occur. The exact amount of the claim is confidential, and furthermore, the extent of liability is unknown as well. At last report, the Hawks plan to use judicial rights to recover the lost finances and settle all obligations. They do not want to unnecessarily commit to this allegation.

One major voice in the process has been Bruce Levenson, former owner of the corporation. Levenson has served on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004, operated the basketball team, and founded the media company TechTarget. Although Levenson is no longer directly involved with the athletic aspect of the team, he is still an active philanthropist ( with organizations such as the I Have a Dream Foundation. Under Levenson’s guidance, the Hawks are predicted to close the deal professionally and keep both their and Ferry’s reputations intact.


There’s A New Social Scene In New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago And San Francisco

The old way of hanging out just got more exciting, thanks to 24-year-old Billy McFarland. If you haven’t heard the name Billy McFarland before that’s okay. You will, soon. McFarland is tuned into the world of Millennials, and he is making a big impact on that generation. Millennials aren’t the only people that are impressed by McFarland.

The big corporations that are spending millions of dollars trying to figure out how to capture consumers in the Millennial market are impressed with Billy McFarland too. The reason Billy is all over the news lately is simple. He found a way to tap into the Millennial market in cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

In order to understand how Billy does what he does, you must start at the beginning of McFarland’s business career. McFarland’s business career started at the age of thirteen in Short Hills, New Jersey. His parents are real estate developers, so they were very supportive of Billy’s business efforts. His first business was computer-based.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland decided to study computer engineering at Bucknell University, but he didn’t connect with the school curriculum, so he dropped out and started his second business. He called that enterprise, Spling. Spling is an online ad platform that uses pictures instead of words to market products and companies. It didn’t take long for the concept to become successful. At 20-years-old, Billy was the talk of the online business world.

The Spling concept opened a lot of doors for McFarland. At dinner one night, with friends, the conversation turned to credit cards and how they are used. Most of the people around the table wanted a card that did more than offer credit, and that conversation turned a light on in Billy’s mind. A few weeks later, Billy raised $3 million in venture capital and started Magnises.

The name Magnises doesn’t mean anything, and Billy liked that. He wanted to give the word its own meaning. Magnises is a member only social club that offers perks to the Millenials that spend $250 a year for a black metal American Express looking membership card. More than 12,000 members in Chicago, New York, San Franciso and Washington, D.C. are carrying that card, and more people are signing up every day.

Lime Crime Prides Themselves on Being Cruelty Free


Lime Crime is the name of a very inventive and original cosmetic company that is generating a lot of buzz across the Internet, especially on social media sites. This very innovative cosmetic company produces a high quality line of products with very bold and expressive colors. The founder and CEO of the company is Doe Deere. She was on a mission to produce dazzling colors that were meant to make it possible for people to use their creativity and show their individualism in the makeup that they wore. She certainly accomplished that mission with her Lime Crime makeup line that is also cruelty free, according to BeautyBay.

What Is Cruelty Free

Today, most consumers are making a conscious choice to only purchase personal care items and cosmetics that are cruelty free. Certainly, these individuals are primarily concerned about animal rights and animals that are used in laboratory studies. Lime Crime would like their customers to realize that all their products are Vegan and cruelty free, making them popular with the Pinterest crowd. This is one thing that Doe Deere strongly supports. Cruelty free means that the products that are manufactured by Lime Crime have not been tested on animals. The fact is that Lime Crime is one of the cosmetic companies that is one of the first to follow this path.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetic company. Her very innovative company was one of the first makeup companies that took their brand straight to the online community. The brand quickly generated interest that swept across social media.


Lime Crime has been around for several years. Doe Deere started the company back in 2008. Doe Deere is the self proclaimed Unicorn Queen that built a company that was based on her personal values. Her personal values involve only producing the highest quality products. Only releasing the products that she has personally tested to assure top quality. All products released must be cruelty free. These are the very same values that have led Lime Crime to great success over the years. Today, it is easy to connect with the Unicorn Queen over social media like Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram.

Brian Torchin: Making Health Care Recruitment a Reality

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin is the co-founder and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing organization, and also a licensed chiropractor. His specialty is sports medicine, job coaching, hospital medicine, career counseling, and physical therapy. His primary mission is to create employment opportunities in the medicine field by discovering the best chiropractors to cater for patients suffering from back pain.

As a specialized and a qualified chiropractor, Torching also treats joint spinal misalignments, degenerative conditions, headaches, minor accident injuries, shoulder pain, sports injuries, and sciatica. When he co-founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors, Brian Torchin wanted to make sure that all medical professionals secured valuable services that made it easy to find new job openings. Brian graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Exercise Science.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Torchin participated in sports, medicine, and physical therapy. He also used his staffing skills to open new offices and manage medical offices in different parts of the country such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware.

While working as a staffing agent, Torching realized that the industry encountered a lot of problems when it came to filling vacant positions. It’s for this reason that he founded the Health Care Recruitment Counselors agency.

Health Care Recruitment Counselors agency is a firm that brings together years of medical and staffing experience to hire the best talents in the medical field. The company uses an expedient, consultative, direct, ethical, and informative oriented approach to pinpoint the right people to fill various vacant positions.

The agency has an extensive existing database of active doctors who work tirelessly to find new and qualified professionals for various openings. The organization coaches its clients and practitioners to identify job opportunities, assess the current market, schedule interviews, as well as reference and negotiate business deals.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors agency works with private practices and hospitals in all the fifty states. Apart from this, they also have offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Canada.

Brian Torchin spends most of his time, energy, and resources to make sure that his international customers get the best professional services that they highly need when it comes to recruiting new health care practitioners.

Handy Can Easily Accommodate Anyone Who Has A Location That Needs Cleaning

A cleaning company should do more than simply cleaning homes or businesses because it can make them more memorable in the eyes of their customers. Many want to know that they can trust a company that they have cleaning for them to do what they are supposed to do and to have reliable employees. Handy is a company that has both reliable employees as well as loyal employees, and the workers who are employed by Handy have some of the highest standards when it comes to cleaning any type of location, whether it’s a home or any kind of business.

Since Handy doesn’t discriminate on who they will clean for, many different types of people will call on Handy for services, even a business location that may be a motel, hotel, corporate offices and more. Cleaning is universal, which means that any and every place that is in a building will need cleaning at one point or another, so Handy can do cleaning for any type of property. Those that have yet to use Handy services are in luck because they have sales going on that are available to almost anyone. Those that are repeat Handy customers are still welcome to get services as well.

Handy is such a popular cleaning service that many only think that cleaning is all they do, but Handy performs several services for their customers. One such service is painting, which is very good for those who need any room in their home painted, especially if they need the outside of their house painted. Painters from the Handy company can be booked through the website (, or anyone who wants to make an appointment can also do it through the Handy application. Plumbers are also available in select areas, and they are licensed and can also be booked through the Handy company.

Even someone who is moving to a different location can bookable verse from the Handy company to help them move, instead of having to get their friends and family members, who may end up breaking a lot of their things during the move. The great thing about Handy and all of their employees is that they are insured, so there is never a problem for a Handy employee to be in the company of a customer because they will be fully responsible for anything that becomes damaged or broken while they work.


LED Lighting by the Professionals of Gooee

LED lighting is a great way for you to save money in the home because this is a more energy efficient way for you to power up your house. Lots of homeowners and business owners are choosing LED lighting by a company known as Gooee. Gooee has been around for quite some time now and it’s one of the leaders when it comes to providing good quality LED lighting for their customers. If you have never used LED lighting before in your life, you will be amazed at how much money you are able to save.

If you feel that LED lighting is the right option for you, it is a good idea for you to use a company known as Gooee. Gooee offers a variety of different products that you will find incredibly beneficial for your own lifestyle and option means. In fact, a lot of people are switching to this company because of the fact that there are so many different products available to them and this makes it easy for them to make the switch to LED lighting throughout their entire home without needing to get an electrician involved. The light bulbs that you begin to use within your home that are considered LED will save you tons of money simply because they are more energy efficient and do not use as much electricity as typical bulbs. There are many reasons for switching to LED lighting but most people switch because they want to be able to save lots of money on your electricity bill each month.

Town Residential Opens A New Base

Fast-growing New York real estate brokerage company, Town Residential recently announced the opening of a new office in the city’s meatpacking district. This is the company’s 10th outpost since it set up shop in Manhattan three years ago. The new office will make the firm’s services more accessible, more so to clients who are based along the Hudson River. Town Residential’s founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger inaugurated the office by stating that clients along the High Line will easily attend appointments.


Town Residential has wholly rented out the 2nd floor of 446 W. 14th St. This is a 7,100 square foot office space. It features a host of impressive facilities including unlimited access to a roof deck. The space similarly has 16-foot ceilings. Mr. Heiberger points out that the office space effectively positions Town Residential as New York’s ultimate high-end real estate brokerage firm. The new space has also been designed to make it appealing to brokers.


Joining Forces with Other Brokers


Heiberger concedes that his firm has taken a unique approach since it is the only brokerage firm with an outdoor space, which allows brokers to interact and work with new clients. Boutique brokerage firm, Thomas & Ingram has already been brought on board. This company focuses on properties within the West Village. It will join forces with Town Residential in the meatpacking district branch. A smaller office operated by Town Residential within the West Village will similarly be relocated to the new space.


The new space is already a beehive of activities. It has continued eliciting excitement in the real estate market because it is the epicenter of New York’s hottest residential and commercial neighborhood. This is an area that has continued to grow impressively judging by the number of condo buildings that are springing up. Mr. Heiberger revealed that brokers who will work from the new space will cover the property market that stretches from Hudson Yards to Tribeca. However, he didn’t disclose how much his company will pay for the space in the course of the 15-year lease.


About Town Residential


Despite being new in the lucrative New York property market, the company has taken the industry by storm. Town Residential is currently one of the city’s most prominent real estate brokerage firms. Its main focus is high-end residential units. The company also offers its clients property development services.


Town Residential’s growth has been buoyed by the fact that it has outposts throughout New York. These outposts have enabled it to have widespread grassroots networks, which help its agents address the needs of clients promptly. This saves the company a lot of costs since it doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns. Town Residential manages exclusive residential properties such as 201 East 71st Street and 1355 First Avenue.


Handy Hitting Record High in Sales

Handy is a freelance handy-work service that was launched in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Ignacio Leonhardt, Weina Scott. Think of it as Uber, but for contractors for house cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, painting, furniture moving, and other common household services. The service is currently available in select cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Employees only need to have a mobile phone or computer with an Internet connection and a background check to get started.

In 2015, handy raised over $50 million dollars from investors to help expand and re-launch the project after closing previously. It is continuing to expand its operation to more cities in the United States and possibly around the world. Handy now is receiving $1 million worth of bookings perk week and growing. According to Bloomberg, it is estimated that the company has a net work of $500 million.

For home cleaning professionals, $15 to $22 per hour seems to be the standard rate. Currently, the majority of works on Handy are house cleaners with 85% of the market share. The rest of the 15% is mostly from plumbers, electricians and furniture moving. This is definitely much higher than the standard range of employed cleaners, which is usually barely above minimum wage. Cleaners are able to pick their own hours so it is perfect for students or homemakers that need extra cash. There are more than 200,000 applications open to Handy and over 5,000 active professionals working. According to Handy, 80% of their customers are repeat customers so there is a sense of stability for workers.

Nowadays according to, consumers are becoming more accustomed to hiring freelance professional services from their phone. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Upwork are other famous examples of successful self employment apps. Hopefully the market will shift toward self employed, online professionals for menial labor thanks to apps like Handy.

Lovaganza: Entertainment Art And Culture

One of the most important things of culture is art. Art is one of the many vehicles for self expression. Art is also used to entertain people. When people take a look at the artwork of others, not only do they get to enjoy the work and craft that was put into it, they also learn something valuable. One thing that could be said about art is that it is meant to be diverse. Anything could be considered art. However, with each industry comes a restriction on the type of art that is released. This is the history of many different industries. Fortunately, there is an industry that is working on lifting more restrictions.

Lovaganza is the one film industry that is made for culture. With the different types of films and events being released to the public at these festivals, people will not only get to experience the difference in the creativity and the production value put into these films, they also get to learn about different cultures that they wouldn’t have learned about in their established industries. Lovaganza has shown that it is about unity. Unity of different cultures and the improvement of life for many different cultures.

Read more: Lovaganza on Vimeo

Given that Lovaganza is all about diversity, there are new formats that are exclusive to the festival. Among these new formats is Immerscope. This film format actually wraps around the audience so that they are completely surrounded by image. Therefore, they will always see an image no matter where they look. This is good for event celebrations. Also, other films are shot in different film formats that are not usually seen in regular theaters.

Lovaganza is an experience that people should have at least once in their life. The creators behind this festival put a lot of thought and love into the presentation of these events. People will not only get to see some amazing and inspiring images, they will also get to experience some high quality sound as the films progress. People who visit Lovaganza will find that their lives will be changed with all of the different things they learn about culture.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

How to Improve Your College Football Betting Skills

Millions of Americans are huge fans of college football. This sporting spectacle has attracted a strong following in the U.S. In fact, most of the games get broadcasted on various TV channels. There is a strong case to suggest that a significant fraction of the people attending and following this matches are more into the gambling aspect that the actual sport itself. Whether you are gambling for the sake of having fun or as a professional, this article is a brilliant read.

Here are some of the proven and tested betting strategies utilized by the genuine professionals, according to the information posted on

Stake Everything

Do a thorough research and identify a sure win team. Place everything you have on that particular team. The best thing about this strategy is that when you are right, you earn a lot.

Go Martingale

The martingale bet works this way. Let’s say you bet $100 on team A winning. Before this bet even materializes, you go ahead and stake an extra $200 on team B winning. Suppose team A loses, and team B wins, you can recoup all losses and still walk away with some profits.

Spread Betting

According to Wikipedia, spread betting aims to create an active market for both sides of a binary wager. A spread bet is placed on a range of possible outcomes. To win with this bet, you have to be very accurate in the wager. There’s more to it than just selecting the favorites over the underdog and cashing in. It is imperative you look at the stop indicators so as to bring down the risk factor.

Over and Under Betting

This popular type of bet is very simple. Let us suppose that two college’s football teams A and B are playing. The bookies have a line setting the total at 45 points. Now, if you place an over type of bet and the score ends something along the lines of 35-45, then your bet wins. But if the total tally is below 45 then you lose the over bet.

Bet Responsibly

Bet the amounts you are comfortable losing. Avoid going overboard and spending all your money on a single bet.

Visit stresses the importance partnering up with trusted sources when looking for betting information on college football. It’s a trusted and a credible source renowned for providing accurate college football odds and statistics on the sport. An excellent source shares real-time updates, news, and results for all the on-going games in the league.