Intellectual Property Law – What You Need To Know

Intellectual property, or IP, refers to creations of human intellect, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, designs, as well as names and images used in business. Legal systems offer certain protections and rights for owners of such property. These rights are encompassed in what is called the Intellectual Property law .

Read on to understand more about the Intellectual Property Law.

What does Intellectual Property Law Entail?

Intellectual Property Law focuses on protecting producers of intellectual goods and services, by providing them with guaranteed time-limited rights to control the use of such productions.
Countries have enacted intellectual property laws for two primary reasons:

  • To provide constitutional expression to the economic and moral rights of IP owners in their properties in addition to the public rights with regards to the access to those properties.
  • To encourage creativity and the application of its results, as well as to uphold fair trading geared towards contributing to economic and social development.

Types of Intellectual Property Protection
There exist three primary types of intellectually property law, each of which functions in a different way:

  • Copyright

A copyright law grants the author oforiginal work exclusive rights to it. The work may include a work of art, story, or a character. This right is not indefinite, but rather limited to a certain period that ranges from 25 years from the publication date to 70 years after the death of the creator.

  • Patent

A patent does not concern ideas or stories in the same way that copyright does, but rather focuses on mechanical workings and systems. You cannot copyright a new medication or a new type of phone, but you can patent them.

Patents are quite complicated to obtain. As a lawyer, one’s main job is to research and obtain patents, which will be costly to the inventor even before paying the lawyer’s fees.

Moreover, patents only last for a limited period, usually ten years, after which they lose their validity in every country.

  • Trademarks

Trademarks apply to character names, company names, and logos. These are just features and ‘words’ associated with one’s business, and they are fairly easy to obtain as opposed to patents. Nevertheless, they are also subject to renewal.

Intellectual Property Attorneys
IP Attorneys like Frans Schoeman on scribd are mostly involved in protecting ideas, as well as defending the use designs and concepts in courts. Frans Schoeman is among the renowned Intellectual Property lawyers.

Frans Schoeman, Director at Phatsima Diamond Corporation, is a South African Attorney with 25 years’ experience in corporate and business law. The University of Free State graduate is dedicated and always keen to ensure that his client’s get deserved justice. He is also a philanthropist with interests in human rights, the environment, education and children affairs.

IP laws work towards striking the right balance between the innovator’s interests and the general public’s interest. With this, the Intellectual Property system can nurture an environment in which ingenuity and innovation can blossom.

Skout: The new era of dating

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Some individuals may be afraid to use a dating app because of safe precautions, but Skout is dedicated to keeping their app safe. The company has an entire department that works 24/7 to ensure the app saftety.

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We are living in a new time. You no longer have to go out every Saturday night to meet new people. So remember the next time you are in a need for a new relationship/friendship, log on to Skout app, you would wish that you would have log into the program sooner.

Kyle Bass: From Notoriety to Notorious

United States Catholics and other interested citizens seemed euphoric as Pope Francis paid their country a visit. Many people love the Pope’s attention to the poor. Pope Francis recently spoke about capitalism and the dangers of worshiping money as a god. The idea expressed by the spiritual leader is that although capitalism does many good things by creating an opportunity for everyone, capitalism without conscience can create more harm than good. One perfect example of the Pope’s warning is a man named Kyle Bass.

Bass was born during the 1960s in Florida. His father later moved the family to Dallas. Kyle attended college at Texas Christian University and in 1992 graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration Finance, and Real Estate Finance. Between 1993 and late 2005 Mr. Bass worked a variety of management positions for a few financial institutions. In December of 2005 he founded Hayman Capital Management L.P. and not long after, in February of 2006, he launched and began managing a hedge fund.

Two short years later Kyle Bass became very well-known in the financial industry in 2008 when he accurately predicted, and profited from, the subprime mortgage bubble. The accuracy of his prediction turned him into a kind of media superstar, and he quickly earned a reputation as an investment fund genius. This reputation did not last long.
Many industry watchers have noticed. Some have even written about Kyle’s fall from his once lofty reputation. The interesting thing about the media and Kyle Bass is an almost direct relationship between his media appearances and the poor performance of his fund. As the number of Kyle’s media appearances increased the successful performance of his fund decreased.

Kyle also began to associate with some questionable characters. One of these characters is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is the leader of Argentina who has all but destroyed the country’s economy. She has defaulted on Argentina’s debt twice in the last 13 years. Bass defends her policies passionately. He has also behaved unethically to protect personal profits by blaming victims instead of car manufacturer General Motors. The car company was trying to dodge responsibility when airbags and faulty power steering caused fatal accidents. As if the skirting responsibility for fatalities was not enough, Bass took another situation to an even more loathsome level. This scam involves pharmaceutical companies, stock manipulation through a variety of techniques, and challenging patents. The result is, because of Bass’s activities people who need the medicines made by these companies cannot get them, and Bass makes money.

At one time, Kyle Bass gained notoriety for his accomplishments. It seems as though Kyle is now working on becoming notorious. Are you watching Pope Francis?

Bruce Levenson Contributions to NBA Team

Bruce Levenson a philanthropist and a businessman in America is the former NBA team owner. Bruce was born in the year 1949 in a Jewish background in Washington and later grew up in Maryland. Levenson pursued his degree in law at Washington University. He is a father of three children and married to one wife. He was a co-founder United communications group (UCG). Peskowitz together with Bruce Levenson started the United Communications Group which involved newsletter publications, focusing on development in the oil industry and oil express. This company launched databases which were used in different industries, including the one oil price information service. UCG dealt with services that involved data analysis, news analysis, technology and mortgage banking. UCG owns the GasBuddy an application which helps drivers to access local low gasses at low prices.

Bruce is an active member in various organizations, which may include; Hoop Dreams Foundation, community Foundation in Washington D.C., Holocaust Museum and Seed Foundation among other organizations. Bruce served as the president of, I Have a Dream Foundation in Washington. Levenson served as Tech director at one point in his career. He was once acting as the governor of Hawk,representing it to the NBA Governors’ board.

In the year 2004, Atlant Hawks LLC was formed having Forbes’ Levenson and Peskowitz as the main partners. Levenson managed to hire Danny Ferry in the year 2012 to act as the general manager of Hawks. Two years later, Levenson together with her wife Karen Boyarsky accompanied the Hawk to the United States Holocaust in Washington, D.C. Levenson announced the plan to sell his shares of ownership in the year 2014. The selling process of the team is being coordinated by Levenson and other investment banking firms. Resslers’ wish to buy Los Angeles Clippers was declined by his group saying that the group was not willing to go for that offer.

Hawk managed to clinch the top position in the Eastern Conference which made to be considered having lengthy playoffs. Ressler said that he felt honored having been chosen to be the Hawk steward. He added by expressing his wishes to Hawk in their playoffs. Bruce was an adviser of a private-equity firm known as BIA Digital Partners. He served as the UCG company director for the period between 1999 and 2012. In the year 1997, Levenson was introduced into the information and software industry as he was part of the directors’ board of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. In the year 2010, Bruce together with his wife participated in the development of nonprofit leadership, which was held at university of Maryland providing funds to the institutions that used to educate students about running nonprofit investments.

Levenson was one of the hundred American Jews who wrote a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel informing him to work with John Kerry in order to deal with pragmatic initiatives, which was in line with Israel security requirements. Bruce supports Jewish causes which include the following; the Jewish Federation, BBYO, Birthright Israel and the Jewish American youth movement.