Qnet is Spreading Across the World

Qnet has quickly become one of the largest companies located in Southeast Asia. Now, while the main headquarters is now in Hong Kong, the business itself started in Penang, an island in northwestern Malaysia. Being in the heart of Southeast Asia, it placed the company right in the middle of a very profitable region. Now, this does not mean the region is wealthy, because by all accounts it really is not. However, it is able to bring in a large amount of money based on the products it sells. It is all about products and product placement regarding this region of the country. It is also why Qnet has made a nice niche for itself in the region and why it looks to continue the trend.

Qnet is able to stay profitable in the region of the world based on what it sells to consumers. It reaches every single major demographic in the area by selling beauty products, weight loss supplements, sporting goods and kitchen items. This way, there really is something for everyone. By having a widespread connection to the people in the area of the world, it makes the name brand more desirable and helps it reach the large number of customers. With that being said though, it is all about blanket marketing the products to the customers.

In order to make sure everyone knows about the products, Qnet uses more of a blanket marketing approach. This approach is desirable as it reaches the largest number of possible customers in the shortest period of time. For starters, it is able to market itself in print advertisement and billboards that are seen by hundreds of millions of people throughout Southeast Asia on a daily basis. With marketing platforms set up in Bangkok and Jakarta alone, the company is able to reach over 20 million people. The company also markets in Kuala Lumpur, which is another major city in the region. All of this makes it extremely beneficial for marketing itself and is another helpful attribute for meeting more people and for making more sales.

Qnet is able to spread across the world thanks to the amount of money it brings in from sales. While the company originally started in just Malaysia, it is now in almost every major country throughout Southeast Asia outside of Singapore. Now, Singapore is an extremely difficult country to break into for a few reasons. The first and most important is because the country itself is a city state and doesn’t have much room for competition. The taxes to get into the country are extremely high as well, so it wouldn’t prove as profitable to move into a Singapore as it would a Vietnam or Laos.

The Company That Is A Cut Above; Eucatex

Eucatex has always been a cut above their competition, largely thanks to the brilliant minds in charge of the organization. They are genuinely concerned about the environment and want to help make a difference in sustaining a greener planet. A modest company that began as a simple panel plant has moved into numerous products all of which are derived from natural sources.

Since 1951 Eucatex has used the eucalyptus plant as the core of every one of their products. At the beginning acoustic solutions were what they concentrated on. These included wall and ceiling panels as well as flooring solutions.

Eucatex has realized its growth in staying true to its beginnings. Their present operations now encompass construction and furniture products. They produce a variety of packaging options, toys, doors, plates, and even cars. Linings and insulating products are all made from eucalyptus wood fibers.

The Maluf family were the founders of Eucatex and family still runs the company. Presently at the helm is Flavio Maluf. He is a mechanical engineer and takes the dedication to preserving the environment very seriously. Under Flavio’s examples includes a Forestry Unit.

The forestry unit of Eucatex is where seedlings are nutured. These seedlings are used to replenish the use of eucalyptus in their products. The company runs more than 44 hectares of forest in San Paulo, Brazil and is continually seeking new land for let or sale that they can expand in.

This alturistic approach to replenishing the environment is exactly what has earned them International Certifications and recognition as having the best practices in sustainable development. They have also been awarded the green seal by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Flavio Maluf has also spearheaded the efforts to enhance recycling by the company, something he proudly discusses on Facebook. He has been able to implement one of the first wood recycling lines of its kind. Eucatex has continued to seek the best ways to not only reuse what is old, but also to generate responsible ways to make the new.

As a company they have grown in their product lines and the means through which they produce them. As individual people, each and every employee of Eucatex has shown their dedication to the purpose and mission of the company. Giving of themselves to both company and community is what makes Eucatex a leader in their industry.

A family tradition of caring for both employees and environment is how they have continued to grow and get stronger. According to Flavio’s available data, Eucatex continues to push beyond their comfort limits in order to ensure that the environment is protected and that the products are cutting edge.

Home Cleaning for Busy Lives

There is just too much going on in the world these days. Long commutes. School activities. Business meetings. These things make for hectic days and busy evenings. Now pile on homework, proposals to work on and laundry. Dinner needs to be cooked and lunches packed. Who has time left to clean a house? If you do have the time, do you have the energy? Maybe it’s time to consider calling in a cleaner.

You want a professional cleaner from Handy who will get into the corners and remove the cobwebs. You need someone who knows how to sanitize your bathroom. When you get home, you want the house to smell clean and fresh. You also want all of this on your schedule. For you, a great cleaner would be one who came in while you worked, cleaned everything, and left before you got home. You don’t want the responsibility of having to meet them or interview them. You don’t want to leave cash out as a temptation to a thief. Finally, you want someone you can trust. This person needs to be reliable and careful. Handy Home Cleaning Services is here to help you.

Handy Home Cleaning Services knows how to run a business that caters to both clients and cleaners. For clients, interviews are handled and references are thoroughly checked. Your valuables are valuable to Handy on mapquest Home too. Our cleaners are vetted so that anything that is broken or damaged will be replaced. All you will have to do is give Handy Home your credit card information to keep on file. Then- relax.

For cleaners, Handy Home is a dream come true. There is no more futile search for clients. No more wandering, lost in an unfamiliar area miles from home to find a house. You will not have to deal with negotiating pay or handling cash. After you finish cleaning the home in the area you choose and on the time that you choose, you can tap your phone and get paid.

There is nothing like scheduling your work around your life. If you have a doctor’s appointment, you will not need a doctor’s excuse. You just schedule your cleaning time for later or earlier in the day. If your daughter is competing in a beauty pageant you can be there- no more missing important events because you had to work.

For a small percentage, Handy Home handles everything for both parties. So whether you need cleaning or you need to provide cleaning, let Handy Home Cleaning Services be your helping hand.

Slyce Is About To Get Their Mobile On For Shop Retailers

I am sure many of you out there know about the visual search recognition offered by Slyce. Some of you might have even used it before. Did you know there is going to be mobile options for shoppers and retailers now?

Some of the services are still in beta development; but, they are coming. They are coming quick. Slyce already offers picture value for their clients in either 2D or 3D. Now it’s going to get even better.

Why all the fuss?

Everyone knows the holidays are just around the corner. Retailers are looking to boost sales through online capital. Slyce is also looking to take a cut of the pie.

What can we expect with these new options from Slyce?

1) The scanners. A customer can scan anything from any store, even coupon codes. The scanner will read it to the system and bounce back results. Customers will know exactly when and where they can find certain items. This will cut down on the traffic and road rage of finding the perfect gift.

2) Coupon codes are transferred that much more easily. Just snap a shot of the coupon code. The coupon can be redeemed that much quicker. This is good for those who have coupons which are just about to run out.

What else can be done?

According to the article, consumers can find items that are out-of-stock. If a consumer can’t find a certain item, he/she locate a suitable alternative.


The holidays are gearing up. People are starting to shop earlier and earlier. More and more consumers are looking to buy online, instead of “beating the traffic.” This is why Slyce and retailers are looking to capitalize on visual search.

Many things are still in the works; but, the beginning buzz for all of this sounds very promising. If this turns out to be successful, more retailers might be looking to join the bandwagon. Online is where it’s at now. Brick and mortar stores are slowing becoming a thing of the past. Are you ready to join them?

Advertising in Brazil The Full Story

There are a number of companies in Brazil that are looking to sell their products and services. When looking to sell products and provide services, companies often look to advertise in order to reach this goal. Fortunately there are a number of ways in which companies can advertise in Brazil. Among the most common methods are using the internet, social media, radio ads, television ads and also using promotional pieces such as flyers. All of these methods help companies get their message out in order to convince people and businesses to look into and purchase what they are offering to them.

One of the most common forms of advertising is using the internet. Since most people go online to search for products and services they want, it is important for Brazilian companies to market their products and services on the internet. Companies that advertise in Brazil will benefit by using pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. These methods help list a company and their products in the search engines to help get immediate exposure as well as get their website at the top of the search engines. If done effectively, companies will be able to have maximum exposure online and generate lots of potential customers.

Another common form of advertising is using social media. With social media companies will use certain sites to promote themselves and their products. These social media sites will often be interlinked with the main website and can therefore help consumers find more information about the products and services being offered. Therefore using social media is another highly effective way for Brazilian companies to advertise.

Companies in Brazil can also use more traditional methods such as using promotional flyers, television ads and radio ads. With promotional flyers, they can use pieces of paper to promote products to consumers and the consumer can then contact the company or call them for more information on how to make a purchase. Television ads can be used to promote products to viewers in the form of commercials. The radio ads are used to promote products and services to people listening to the radio. With these three traditional methods, companies that are advertising in Brazil will have more ways to sell their products to consumers and generate higher revenues.

When it comes to advertising in Brazil, one of the very best companies is Heads. This company specializes in social media, internet marketing, billboards, direct mail and television advertising. As a result, Heads offers a variety of ways for companies to effectively advertise in Brazil. The firm is led and was founded by Claudio Loureio. He is one of the leading executives in Brazil and has made his company into one of the best ad agencies in the world. Claudio lists on Facebook that he graduated from college and studied law during his educational endeavors. Loureio would begin his career in advertising and eventually was named best advertising professional of the year.


In new business ventures, it is prudent to adopt a flexible business model that allows you to adjust to market demands and forces. It goes a long way in making your business stand out from competitors. Handy, a home cleaning service is an exceptional company that is currently revolutionising the home cleaning industry. Traditionally, this industry was run by maids and stay at home handymen.

Thanks to the insight of two young entrepreneurs, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, the home cleaning industry is cleaning up pretty well. Handy’s modus operandi is simple and clear yet the most active in the market. It starts with clients registering on their website. After this, they can log in from their computers and mobile devices and order for a home cleaning service, moving service or handyman service. The data collected during registration includes street addresses, names and other details. Once online, a user has access to a broad range of chores they need doing. They can specify the task and determine the exact time they need it done. The billing negotiations take place immediately after and the job can begin. The entrepreneurs observe that their model bridges the inefficiency gap between the clients and industry service lenders.

This model alone has facilitated the penetration and market dominance of Handy on appstore within the first three years of operation. The numbers in their favour are phenomenal too. Currently, they enlist client bookings of up to $1 million weekly. The firm began with an operating capital of about $3 million, a humble figure compared to the more than $50 million they operate with today.

Social media platforms keep evolving and influencing our lives in a greater way every day. As a result, people are getting used to the possibility of using communication gadgets to secure services and even goods online. However, this comes with a very carefully guarded assurance that the online service is not a rip-off. Clients want to buy stuff online and get it delivered to their doorstep. In this regard, Handy goes the extra mile to ensure the service men complete in time. Also, the company insures the client’s property against theft and damage.

Quality assurance acts as an important tool in customer relations. Handy usually exempts clients who receive poor service to postpone or delay payment. When it comes to recruitment policies, Handy exercises strict and fool proof measures. A tiny percentage of applicants make it to the hired list. Background checks with other firms and referees allow Handy to establish the character and levels of professionalism of the candidates.

Handy conducts specialized training for new staff. These professionals operate round the clock in different neighbourhoods. They respond to client calls in record time. The firm observes that with their model, handymen and cleaning agents get better pay for better working conditions. It is a win-win scenario for both customers and service men.

The future of Handy is much brighter. They are expanding the services they offer in addition to the expansion of offices around America and Europe.

Kyle Bass Cannot Wing It Through Life

Kyle Bass appears to have done one thing right in his entire career. He was able to correctly predict that the subprime mortgage market would collapse, and that collapse helped to make him a wealthy man. Everyone on Wall Street assumed that Kyle was a genius who could do practically anything to make money, but it appears that Kyle is nothing more than a lucky man who loves his own picture more than he loves running a business.
Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler

Hayman Capital Management was founded in Dallas in 2006, and Kyle Bass was a rich man by 2008. He had all the money he needed, but he turned away from his hedge fund in favor of personal appearances. Hayman Capital Management should have been on the way up, and Kyle’s correct bet on the subprime market should have been the cornerstone of his business future. Hayman Capital Management should have become a stronghold for investors, but it became the home of Kyle’s ego.

#2: Ego Got In His Way

Kyle was foolish enough to let his win in the subprime mortgage market corrupt his judgement. Everyone on Wall Street wanted to know how Kyle predicted the collapse of the market, and he was right to take on as many public appearances as he could in the immediate aftermath of the crisis. Anyone with any business sense would have taken their 15 minutes of fame, but Kyle wanted a whole lifetime of fame that saw him walking away from responsibilities at his hedge fund in favor of the limelight.

#3: Inverse Performance

Kyle hedge fund has taken a nosedive since he first started making public appearances. A simple graph shows that the hedge fund at Hayman Capital has been slowly dying as Kyle’s public appearances rise. Kyle does not seem to understand that his business is suffering because of his need for attention, but the numbers do not lie. The hedge fund is going to bottom out at some point, and Kyle will be the only person left from Hayman Capital with any net worth to speak of.

The sad state of Kyle Bass’ hedge fund alone should tell people where his loyalties lie. Kyle Bass became famous because of one lucky guess, but he will bleed his investors dry before he starts to take his hedge fund seriously again. The best investors know that it is never about them.

Jaime Garcia Dias: Leading Light Of Brazil’s Literary Scene

Jaime Garcia Dias, son of author Arnaldo Dias and architect Garcia Dulce Dias, is one of Brazil’s best known and loved authors. He has written twenty books, and has received numerous awards, including the White Crane Award in 2001 and, more recently, the ABC Award of Brazilian Fiction. He began writing at age 15 under the tutelage of his father, and at 18, enrolled in the University of Rio de Janiero to study literature. Upon graduating, Dias began teaching at Carioca Literature Academy, a school for high school aged students dedicated to pursuing the study of literature after graduation. He held this position until 1997 when, after a series of progressive proposals, he became vice president of that institution. In 2007, after ten years of vice presidency, and on the 100th anniversary of the academy, he was inaugurated as president of Carioca. Under his stewardship, the school has shifted its focus toward journalistic literature, and is now considered Brazil’s largest haven for young writers.

Some of Jaime Garcia Dias’s titles include Fell From Heaven, his most prominent work and winner of the White Crane, Two Ways, Clouds, Canal, and Tiny. In 2013, Dias began writing for the Jornal do Brazil, Brazil’s third oldest newspaper. In it, he detailed his life and relationship with his father, Arnaldo. After two years, he collected these entries for a book entitled Chronicles That Made Me a Man, as a tribute to his father and mentor.

In addition to his father, Dias’ major literary influences include João Guimarães Rosa, author of Devil to Pay in the Backlands, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest Brazilian novels, Graciliano Ramos, postmodernist and journalist, Jorge Arnado, author of Captain of the Sands, and Donna Flor and Her Two Husbands, and Paulo Cohelho, Brazil’s all-time best-selling author. Jaime Garcia Dias can be followed on both Facebook and his YouTube channel.

Kenneth Griffin: Hedge Fund Superstar

Citadel LLC has become what is called a “Global Multistrategy Hedge Fund & asset Management” investment firm. Beginning in 1990, the hedge fund company has been under control of it’s founder, Ken C. Griffin. At the age of 49, Mr. Griffin is considered a self-made billionaire.

Born in Daytona Beach, Florida on October 15, 1968, Ken Griffin was born. Not knowing what the future would hold, he grew up to be a hugely successful hedge fund owner/founder/CEO.

Ken’s first contact with the investment world came when he was a freshman at Harvard University. In his freshman year, he was motivated by an article he saw in a Forbes magazine. The result would become his very first investment. In his second year at Harvard, with funds acquired from contributions of friends and family, Ken Griffin on wsj started his own hedge fund.

Eventually, Mr. Griffin employed a smart investment strategy to safeguard his money during the crash of the stock market in 1987. With his money, he then started another hedge fund and between the two, was able to turn heads with his skill to manage over $1 million in the funds. It was through this success, Ken was able to launch himself into the investment world after his 1989 Harvard University graduation.

Once he graduated, Ken began working with Frank C. Meyer. Mr. Meyer was a seasoned investor and he started Glenwood Capital LLC. Meyer decided to invest $1 million dollars in Kenneth Griffin’s hedge funds and saw a 70% return on that investment.

Citadel LLC
In 1990, Kenneth Griffin started his investment firm, Citadel, LLC.. He used $4.6 million to fund his company and at just shy of the 10 year mark, his investment capital jumped to $1 billion and he employed over 100 people. As of 2015, Citadel, LLC. is one of the biggest investment groups in the world.

Using his employee’s skills in the world of advanced financial algorithms and complicated computer codes, Ken was able to really bring his company into the new technology era. He was also able to make a lot of money for himself, his employees and, of course, for his clients.

Unfortunately for Ken, though, in the financial crisis around 2011 saw his company take a hit and lose over half of their profits. As a result, Griffin rolled up his sleeves and got back to work. Eventually, he was able to increase the company’s returns again. These days, Citadel, LLC. manages well over a staggering $100 billion of their investor’s monies.

The financial advisors at Citadel, LLC. manage incredibly diverse portfolios for their investors, so their hands are on just about everything out on the market. With that said, however, some of the stocks that Ken and his investors purchase include: Apple Inc, Amazon.com and Western Digital Corp. The tech companies seem to be a favorite for the investors at Citadel, LLC.

Kenneth Griffin has also been known to support various charities and causes throughout his distinguished career, including:
*Art Institute of Chicago
*University of Chicago
*Children’s Memorial Hospital

Rover Is Flipora’s Revolutionized Name

Millions of users enjoy Flipora and the fact that it connects them with sites that interest them the most. However, while Flipora has done amazingly well, the company is changing the name during a rebranding and the app will be called Rover. This comes amongst a new round of funding received from Silicon Valley. With more money, Flipora will be able to expand and rebrand itself. Shaking off the old name won’t be easy, but they are hoping to encourage more people to see how important and useful content discovery can be. Businesses can also enjoy the fact that this new app design can drive traffic to their sites. This will give them the potential to increase their revenues.

This application is for those who tend to be technologically advanced in searching the web. It takes your preferences and scans the more than 15,000 topics and finds the best fit. Rather than searching hours on end for the right item on the internet, it searches for you and takes you right to the designated area of your choice. It compiles results with the most relevant items that you care the most about. You can also connect with other users who share the same interests at the touch of a button. You will be able to create a home page, connect on social media and do it all through one simple app.

A name change is not the only upgrade this app is receiving. The new interface will be simpler and allow you to quickly find your discovery searches in a matter of seconds. Share stories with other uses and do it with an easier to use platform. The company has integrated back-end content and it is there to maximize the user’s content selections.

So many have enjoyed using this app and seeing how it influences the various topics and how easily it can be shared with their friends and family across social media. Forget browsing through sites like Twitter or YouTube, everything you need can be found with the touch of a button on Rover. Thanks to the new and innovative differences at Rover, it is allowing them to expand and deliver a bigger and better application for all those who diligently need help surfing the web. They will continue to make updates and add special features. This will allow the user experience to be even better than before. The app was already great, but with this changes its taking it to a whole new level.