How Aloha Construction is Showing Industrial Hope and Growth

Basically, it is right to say that the construction industry is the real driver of the world’s economy. In the US, the industry is leading job creator. For example, the industry experienced over 18,000 new jobs created this year. This is a massive improvement if compared to the previous year. Mark you, 6,000 of the new jobs were created in July. However, it is argued that the difference in the figure is due to the fact that the industry was affected by the political temperatures brought about by the elections last year. Companies such as Aloha Construction are looking forward to getting more tenders in the building sector.

According to Aloha, the highest job creators in the past few months are the residential sectors. They added a total of 5100 jobs. This is an indication that more opportunities are coming towards Aloha’s direction. The company is based in Lake Zurich Illinois, and they specialize in roofing service. They are able to supply quality roofs, gutters, and sidings. Aloha Construction is supplied with contractors who are highly qualified to install quality and durable roofing in America. The experts also do vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding.

Aloha Opening Up to Charity

In the recent past, Aloha Construction has been involved in charity events in Illinois. They are able to organize annual charity programs for children from low-income families to enjoy shopping opportunity. The program is dabbed one-minute shopping spree and it allows the kids to shop for toys and dollies within 60 seconds. Under Dave Farbaky, the company’s charity wing, Aloha Construction is able to avail a smile on the face of these beautiful kids. The charity aspect is a way that the company is able to give back to the community.


Generally, Aloha Construction is very important to the American construction community. They are able to create jobs and to provide high-quality roofing solutions. In addition to these, the company is able to give back to the community through charity deeds.

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Health and Wellness Motivator Logan Stout

Dedicated to motivating, mentoring and educating people on health and wellness, Logan Stout started his business called ID Life in 2014. Stout, who is a former pro athlete, said that he started the company because nutrition has always been an important part of his life. ID Life is a direct sales company that has a line of nutritional or dietary supplements that help people maintain their health by fighting off the side effects of prescription medications and restoring the nutrients that the body needs in order to function at a healthy level.

On top of being a motivational speaker, Logan Stout is also a best selling author who in 2013 wrote the book called Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams, which was meant to inspire people who read it to strive to reach their true potential. He has made several appearances on TV and radio shows, as well as at other events where his motivational and coaching skills could be used. He’s expressed that he’s always had a strong desire to help people from all backgrounds find success in reaching their goals.

He is also the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, where he mentors youth. In addition to that, he and his wife, Haley, are connected to the Boys and Girls Club and the American Heart Association in their home state of Texas. They are the founders of the Youth Athletes Foundation, as well as other charities. By operating these types of organizations, he has devoted himself to helping youth build leadership skills.

Stout, who was born in Richardson, Texas, earned a business degree from Panola College, and a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He played baseball in college, then went on to play professionally when he joined a minor league team called The Fort Worth Cats. When he started his ID Life business in 2014, he partnered with Troy Aikman, who is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. His other partners are Jen Wilderstom and billionaire Darwin Deason.

By 2016, ID Life had made the top 100 list when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing companies, and the business is continuing to grow at a steady rate. Logan, who now lives in Frisco, Texas, along with his wife and two sons, continues his passion of motivating, coaching, and writing inspirational books, as well as selling his ID Life nutritional supplements to help people become proactive in attaining better health. To know more about him click here.

NuoDB and its Potential.

NuoDB is a cloud database founded in 2008 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It specializes in cloud computing with an SQL cloud database. This allows for data to be saved remotely and accessed from any computer within the network, reducing the hassle of needing to keep track of what information is saved where. Their software uses a tiered approach, using multiple tiers within the cloud to ensure the data stored there remains safe, with redundant copies in case one of them ends up becoming corrupted or otherwise compromised. NuoDB is working closely with IBM to ensure their database software remains up to date and secure, allowing its customers to feel confident in their choice of cloud database software. It stands without saying that cloud computing is going to become more and more vital as technology continues to improve, so it is good to see that companies such as NuoDB are doing their part to ensure that the software continues to evolve at the same pace as the technology that will be putting it to use. It will be interesting to see what this company will do in the future, as a leading company in the vital field of cloud computing.

Norman Pattiz Leads PodcastOne Into Virtual Reality

The podcast is a simple format that thousands of people use to discuss all kinds of subjects. With so many people tuning in to listen to podcasts, the podcast industry’s grown over the past few years. PodcastOne, the largest podcast network, recently released their new mobile app.

Fans of all subjects love the PodcastOne library. When PodcastOne announced a new mobile app with tons of new features, fans couldn’t wait. The new app offers features like virtual reality, listener-to-listener communication, and exclusive articles and photos. The app is all about getting listeners more involved with their programs.

PodcastOne’s wanted to introduce virtual reality for a long time. One, they had to wait for the technology to improve; and two, they wanted the highest quality possible. To bring that high-quality VR that wanted, the company partnered with Mandt VR. Together, they hope to immerse listeners even more. Learn more:

So far, the partners have produced over 1,000 videos for select podcasts. Anyone with the new PodcastOne app can access these videos now. Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne, couldn’t wait to get Mandt VR into the studios. Many of PodcastOne’s major studios are set up for virtual reality recording.

Behind every great business is a great innovator and PodcastOne is no different. Neil Mandt, founder of Mandt VR, talked about getting to work with Norman Pattiz. As an up and comer in the industry, Mandt loved watching Pattiz work his magic. Pattiz has no fear when adopting new technology and combining it with his creations.

Pattiz’s natural talent for building hugely successful companies is remarkable. PodcastOne is the biggest provider of podcast shows in the world. Currently, there are more than 200 shows recorded under the PodcastOne umbrella. His company produces over 20,000 minutes of content a week.

Norman Pattiz is a brilliant businessman. When podcast first became popular, he teamed up with a research company to study the effectiveness of advertising during podcast shows. When the results proved positive, he established the first advertising-based business model for PodcastOne. He’s been recognized by Forbes as a Global Change Maker.

He’s built numerous other companies that are just as successful of PodcastOne. Westwood One is the largest supplier of radio programming in the industry. He’s even worked with presidents; serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Learn more:


Rich Smith Directs the Next Steps for Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies, a provider of inmate communications solutions. He joined Securus sometime after leaving Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 2003, where he served as CEO. Before that he was with Frontier Corporation in operations, business development and IT. He was president of Securus until 1014 and promoted to CEO in May of 2014. Under his direction Securus is poised to make great strides in inmate, law enforcement and public safety investigations, communications, corrections and monitoring.

  1. Smith has an MBA from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. That education coupled with his extensive work experience is contributing to his masterful direction of Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies recently released Guarded Exchange, the manned use of new technology that is sweeping the prison system. Special agents are trained to spot suspicious activities in deposits, videos, emails and phone calls between inmates and their family and friends. Their latest monitoring technology has been directly responsible for cracking down of illicit acts behind the prison walls. Illicit cell phones have been commandeered. Rouge security officers have been caught distributing contraband. Important details about past and future criminal acts have been revealed.Prison personnel credit Securus Technologies with improvements in their system of operating. Technology updates have reduced the need for prisoners to be escorted from one location to another. It has cut down of the instances of prison fights and consequently inmate injuries resulting from those fights.Securus Technologies has a group of monitoring devices that are often employed to monitor enrollees to lessen overcrowding in correction facilities.

These monitoring devices are worn around the ankle and they report where the enrollee is at any time. Blutag, Blu+ and BluBand are either GPS or devices emitting an RF signal so the enrollee is to be less able to harm the public. They also produced a product called SoberTrack, which is a hand-held device the enrollee blows in to measure his alcohol consumption. These tests are random, keeping the enrollee unprepared.Securus not only keeps us safer by employing various monitoring services, they also encourage inmate communications with loved ones. It is a known fact that inmates who continue to interact with parents and children tend to be less likely to commit a crime when they are released. Securus has established some of the best communications systems between inmates and their families. Advance Connect is an inmate calling card that family can put money on so the inmate can call home when he needs to wish a family member a happy birthday, congratulations or extend sympathy wishes. Video conferencing between family and inmates rather than driving to the prison is also a new technology Securus has made available to the prisoners.Rick Smith at the helm of Securus Technologies is instituting great changes to the prison monitoring systems. He is also improving communications between inmates and their loved ones. Hopefully, the imperfect prison system will continue to improve under the educated and experienced direction of Rick Smith.

NuoDB SQL Database Technology

The NuoDB database might very well be described as a management system that runs in the cloud and features distributing deployment throughout the cloud. SQL transactions are employed by NuoDB.

NuoDB falls in the category of NewSQL databases that feature SQL characteristics and also perform scale-out processing inside cloud environments. ACID compliance is run by NuoDB so that it guarantees consistency of every transaction at the time when application programs access SQL statements when talking to NuoDB.

NuoDB features triple-tier structuring for the SQL database, for administrative, transactional and also storage tiers. NuoDB processes data for all SQL databases by breaking the information down into “atoms” (software object). NuoDB provides a “durable distributed cache” within the SQL database and uses a set of in-memory caches with the goal of making elasticity possible inside the cloud and also ensuring that all data objects are correctly and safely stored nor lost. NuoDB provides solutions to find conflicts and other issues in a multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) environment. NuoDB does peer-to-peer communication that isn’t needed to occur simultaneously.

NuoDB 1.0 became available to the public on January of 2013. NuoDB Inc. is constantly developing and commercializing NuoDB software. Jim Starkley was the very first lead architect at NuoDB and he retired in 2012. Jim Starkley now provides advice about the best strategies to NuoDB Inc.

Jay-Z And Desiree Perez Reach Out For New Roc Nation Deals

The Live Nation events brand is about to feel the full force of the business negotiations of Desiree Perez, the Roc Nation executive who has built her reputation on being the toughest negotiator in the entertainment industry. Recently, Perez has been concentrating on the launch of the Roc Nation sports agency but has returned to the popular press following her appearance at the Santa Monica, California head office of the Universal Music Group alongside Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter amid rumors of a greater presence with Roc Nation being sought by Universal head Sir Lucien Grainge.

Universal music Group already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation and has been rumored as a possible replacement for the Live Nation company as the lead partner for Jay-Z’s fast growing empire. Live nation agreed to a decade long $150 million deal with Roc Nation negotiated by Desiree Perez which has been described as breaking the mold for the entertainment industry with the development of what has become known as a “360” deal. The deal with Live Nation is due to terminate in 2018 with both parties given the opportunity to continue with the arrangement or to sell their shares in the merged company to an outside party and more

Desiree Perez has grown to become one of the leading female executives in the entertainment industry because of her role with Jay-Z’s SC Enterprises which has encompassed the development of the newly created sports talent agency featuring names such as Alex Rodriguez. Through her role as a member of the Hova Circle of Influence at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has become an expert in handling issues from departments as diverse as publishing, marketing, and live events.


Encapsulation of a Look at Patient Reviews of Dr. Jennifer Walden

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Austin or the surrounding areas, odds are you do one of two things as your first steps. 1) You may do a quick search and look for online reviews and 2)consult with a friend or family member to get a true word of mouth review. Often with plastic surgery, it is easier to simply search online depending how personal of an issue you are having and who all you want to know you are having a procedure done.

One thing I found when searching is how reviews told the story of a plastic surgeon and how they interact with patients. By looking at reviews for Austin’s Dr. Jennifer Walden, it is almost incredible to see not only how positive the reviews are but how many of her patients have posted reviews. Posting a review online is today’s equivalent of giving a word of mouth review to a friend, only on a much larger and much more permanent scale.

The reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden paint the picture of a doctor who focuses on integrity and service. Reviews tell of specific occasions when she has called or met with patients immediately and personally after any type of issue arises to make sure they know they are heard and to correct the issue. They also speak to her incredible skills as a plastic surgeon. Some reviews talk about how the patient’s life changed or their self confidence soared after being treated by Dr. Jennifer Walden. Plastic surgery can be a tough thing to undergo, but the reviews speak to a successful overall experience with Dr. Walden.


How to Get Back To School with Ease

The school holidays are nearing an end, and it’s time for a routine change. There is need to re-establish the school routine before the actual school opening day, sleep early to be able to wake up early. To ensure a seamless term, come up with a family calendar. Incorporate the school schedule into the calendar taking note of important dates. You can do this using a calendar with large squares which lets you enter the data. The program creates a one-stop shop for family time management. Ensure all the expectations are laid out clearly, including when the homework is done each day.

The other important consideration is the budget. Before coming up with the budget ensure you have a list of all school supplies needed. Most schools give a list of items required for the next term during a closing day. Build a budget based on the list and ensure everything is in the budget list.

After you have done your budget it’s time to stock on the supplies so that on the school day there is no rushing to buy items on the last day. Ensure all the class items are purchased, be sure to remember things like book covers. Ensure you have the right size of school uniform. Mark all the items, so that in case they are misplaced they can easily be traced back. Get a meal plan and a good lunch box if the child needs to carry lunch to school. At this point, we have all the supplies we need.

Freedom plus has loan consultants who will advise you, and they will help through the process. Freedom plus also have short loan application process, and you will not expect any hidden charges on your request. After the application, you will get your money in minutes.

Now that you have all that you require going back to school, it’s important to attend the first day of school term with your child, especially if it’s a new school. That will show the child that their education is important. School is back in session, ensure that sleeping schedules allow for enough time to enable the children to remain productive. The above guidelines if followed will guarantee a seamless school term.

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James Dondero’s oil spike predictions haven’t come true, but may very soon

James Dondero has become one of Texas’s most well-known entrepreneurs. After having founded Highland Capital Managment in 1993, Dondero has gone on to have a stellar career as a member of the board of various large financial institutions and as the head of his own hedge fund. After becoming an early player in the collateralized loan obligation industry, Dondero went on to prove the concept of syndicated debt, leading to the creation of one of the largest financial markets in the country today.

But James Dondero has also been an investor in the oil industry and a close observer of oil markets worldwide. In a 2015 piece for the Huffington Post, Dondero predicted that the low prices of oil would not last for much longer. Although he did not specify the period of time after which he believed prices would begin to inexorably rise, he did say that he believed various factors would lead to long-term increases in the price of crude oil.

Some of those reasons have proven to be prophetic. For example, Dondero cites the state of the Venezuelan economy, which, at that time, was considerably better than it is today. Currently, Venezuela is in a state of virtual bankruptcy, after already having missed a number of interest payments on its rapidly spiraling debt. So bad is the state of the country’s economic affairs, it cannot even afford to pay the basic costs of production, shipping and infrastructure for its lucrative oil trade.

Another factor that Dondero cited in his article was the fact that most of America’s production comes from hydraulic fracturing and other techniques that require a high per-barrel price of oil in order to be profitable. However, Dondero probably could not have foreseen the dramatic drop in costs associated with hydraulic fracturing. Today, many rigs operating on the Bakken Shale formation of North Dakota are able to produce at 40 percent less cost than they were even two years ago. This is largely the result of technological innovation, including the ability to operate multi drill platforms, rigs that are capable of simultaneously drilling up to 18 wells at a time. This results in dramatic increases in efficiency and economies of scale.