How Does Eric Pulier Help Kids With Disabilities?

Eric Pulier started his career in technology helping kids with special needs. I worked in one of the schools that he helped, and he made many of our kids very happy with the work that he did. I know that he has gone on to do great things with enterprise technology that we use with the schools today, but this is where he started. This article explains how Eric Pulier has made the lives of kids much better with his innovation.


#1: Special Needs Gear


The special needs gear that has been created is perfect for kids because it helped them do specific things in school that they found difficult. I had a hard time with these kids because I knew that it would be hard for them to get through all their classes. Someone who is trying to get through a class needs resources, and I believe that there a number of kids who got through all their classes because of what Eric did.


#2: Keeping The Devices


The devices that were created for these kids were left with them, and I allowed these kids to come to every class with their devices. They were given a number of options to use these devices, and they knew that they could take these devices to college or into their lives. I am was pleased to see them get better, and I know some kids who went onto college and jobs using the things that Eric made for them.


#3: Enterprise Technology


The enterprise technology that Eric created has served many businesses and our school system. It allows them to send quite a lot of information from computers to mobile devices, and this is an outgrowth of what Eric has done for our kids. His innovation helps everyone.


There are quite a few people who are searching for ways to help kids with special needs, and Eric Pulier has created something that works for all kids. He made our school a much better place to get educated, and he allowed our students to become more successful in each class they took.

Luxury Living with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line, luxury apartment in the New York City area with a composition that is state-of-the-art, Jason Halpern is your man. Halpern is a third generation real estate developer whose family has a long history of building, managing and maintaining properties. In fact, his family has been doing it for over 50 years.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

As the founder of JMH Development and a visionary, Halpern creates both residential property and commercial business space with a deep level of commitment and extreme quality. The focal design for each project is unique and extravagant. JMH Development adheres to every facet of the development process including (but not limited) to building, construction, design, managing, branding, and marketing. A majority of their development projects were constructed in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach with over $500 million invested.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Halpern is fond of historical restoration and construction. His stance on conserving historical sites are also unmistakable. He takes the time to build relationships with the community to remain deferential. His vision and expertise have even helped to accomplish the construction of a few historical landmarked buildings.

Jason’s Family

In addition to building and constructing projects, Halpern has a soft spot for philanthropic work. He has invested his own personal time and effort towards various charitable groups. One being the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. They perform extensive surgeries, in conjunction with attending to burns, life-threatening injuries, pregnancy, etc. Another humanitarian effort includes a non-profit global water charity that helps deliver clean water to 650 locals in Ethiopia and Nepal.

Bringing New Friends to The Dallas Zoo Was Not Easy

Adhama and Boipelo are now the new residents of the Dallas zoo and it was no small feat. The hippos who now live in the 2.1 acre exhibit at the zoo was sponsored by Highland Capital Management. The project was led by James Dondero, CEO of Highland Capital Management and it took years to get the zoo ready for its new guests. The zoo hasn’t had hippos for 16 years and the residents of Dallas are very excited for the new additions. The previous hippo, Papa, died in 2001 and they haven’t had one since. The zoo didn’t want to move a new hippo into the zoo unless some much needed improvements were made but this was not going to be easy or cheap. It would require a lot of time and work to pull off the perfect habitat for some new hippo friends.


The project was a big one to say the least and would require the expertise of horticulturists, CLR designers, construction crews, and a team of experts. It would also require quite a large sum of money-around $14 million to be exact.


James Dondero was happy to contribute and he saw this a s a great opportunity to give back to the community of Dallas. He was able to donate $1 million to the cause and the zoo now has a 5,000 square foot center for private functions and a habitat for its new friends. The new addition will help to attract visitors and generate sales to help the zoo to feed and maintain the various habitats.


James Dondero has over three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets. He is also the president of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero is supportive of many charities including the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, Uplift Education, and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program.


Dondero was an analyst in 1984 and he was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program. He graduated form the University of Virginia and earned dual majors in Finance and accounting. He is also a certified Management Accountant and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Arthur Becker is Making It in Real Estate

Arthur Becker has made a name for himself in technology and real estate. Currently, he is a managing member of Madison Partners. Madison is an investment firm that focuses on real estate and stage Bio Tech ventures.

Before Madison, Becker was the chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015. Zinio is the most successful newsstand in the world. Before Zinio, he served NaviSite, a technology company that provides cloud services, as the CEO for eight years. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

After Time Warner acquired NaviSite in 2011, Arthur started investing in real estate and technology. This is what led to the birth of-of Madison Partners. So far, this is the most successful venture under his belt.

According to Huffington Post Madison is about investing in residential developments that are meant to develop townhouses for renting and selling. Arthur has expanded his real estate ventures to Florida and New York.

Arthur was once married to Vera Wang, a successful fashion designer, running a fashion company – Vera Wang. Arthur worked at Vera Wang fashion for close to seven years as a senior advisor. According to Author, his work with Vera at the fashion company was his main inspiration to this new real estate idea.

When he started Madison, he didn’t doubt that the business was successful. In fact, he made a good profit from his first deal. His strategy is knowing the verticals of the business and understanding what he was doing from the start. Also, he did a good study of the market and only went in when the market was right. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

What Marketing Strategies Does He Use?

Arthur believes in employing every marketing tactic available to get your name out there. Besides setting up a good marketing team, he makes use of billboards, shirts, pens, shirt. The point is, people need to know who you are and what you do. Referrals are a great way to build customer trust. More details can be found on Inspirery.

On his free time, he likes reading books related to real estate, technology, designs and marketing books. Though he doesn’t have a medical background, the one thing that excites him most is biotech trends that are happening in the field of cancer.

US Money Reserve Rebrands Interface to Educate Consumers on the Importance of Purchasing Gold

In addition to being the largest trusted dealer in gold coins across the world, the U.S Money Reserve prides itself on developing a new website interface for its loyal clients. The U.S Money Reserve has improved its interface for easy navigation by the clients. The current look is a direct reflection of the primary values of the company. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Those are trust as well as the commitment to delivering excellent customer service. The online design comprises of impressive as well as new graphic details of the brand’s former leader Philip N. Diehl. The interface also has a brand new coin on the photo gallery.


The primary objective of this new and refreshing look is to enlighten consumers on the fundamental importance of being owners of government issued bullion. The other goal of developing a new interface on the website was to enhance client experience when it comes to purchasing the precious metals as well as gold coins.

According to the vice president of Brand and Creative, Mr. Ryan Buchanan, the interface will allow the management to develop high-quality content for all available platforms.


The interface will also ensure that the management has an interactive session with the clients. Through the new interface, it will also be easy to enhance safety trading measures. Buchanan was in charge of the entire design development. He also oversaw the implementation of various new applications as well as features.

The aim of these features is educating consumers as well as making secure the purchasing process of the bullion. The emergence of the online shop offers a competitive advantage on gold pricing as well as silver and bars. The U.S Money Reserve also provides certified coins as well as exclusive products created for customers. Customers are allowed to sign up through the website and learn more about the importance of owning the bullion.

U.S Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is the leading dealer of gold and bullion in America. The company has been in business for decades. As the largest distributor of the United States issued coins, the company strives to provide customers with high-quality service in addition to exceptional gold coins.

Since the establishment of the firm, most clients have cultivated the virtue of trust in the ability of the team to assist in selecting the best and highly suitable metals for client’s portfolios. Because of the professional team behind the management of U.S Money Reserve, many clients have yielded maximum profits.

Soros: From Ferguson To Hillary

No one believed it when George Soros returned to his work in giving. Before Hilary Clinton’s presidential run, George had made his public announcement to stay away from charity work in his old age. But all of that has turned around. The moment Hilary made her announcement to run, his money went back into charity.

Larger than life is the story of George Soros. It was in 1970 that the financial mogul got a strong start on the reputation we know of today. This was the same year that the Soros Fund Management was implemented. The Soros Fund is one of the most widely known mutual funds to date.

It would, therefore, be an understatement to simple say that the fund made some money over the years. Today alone, the fund managers in the access of billions. But the famed George is himself retired now and has left the fund’s management in the hands of his son. Yet the Soros name continues to shine.

We see it active in the giving of financial support to the Ferguson protests. This was money no one would have foreseen as aiding this movement. These are also just examples of what kind of impact this man has made. Read his profile at Washington Times.

A lot more than money runs through this family. There is a tight bond and respect that could have only come from the limitations George had growing up. Surprisingly, Mr. Soros did not have a “silver spoon” in his mouth and as child. He is, instead, the living and true definition of what people express as “rag to riches.”

That story starts during the onset of World War II. It was then that the Nazi occupation of Hungary forced the young man of 13 to flee his home country. The rest is roughly history as they say. Of course, nothing is as simple as that sounds. Nevertheless, the investing professional we know of today came from nothing.

Even today, we see a man who’s giving more to charity than most people will earn in their entire lifetimes. Which is nothing short of a miracle. The Open Society Foundation is one such implement by the Soros family that extends philanthropy far and wide.

This society intends for all peoples to have freedom of expression. After studying George Soros more and more, it’s clear how influenced he’s been by the work of Karl Popper. This author strongly perceives that advancements in society is necessary and therefore must always be open to interpretation.

This passion was clearly seen during George’s effort in South Africa when fighting against the inhumanity of apartheid. More philanthropy work is in development as we no doubt expect of Soros. His return is clear and was made for the long haul. Read this story at about George Soros.

Jason Hope – A Self-Proclaimed Futurist Acclaimed Globally

Jason Hope is one of the leading technology entrepreneurs and investors in the United States and has invested in many technology firms over the years. He is also a self-proclaimed futurist and believes in the power of technology. One of his recent focuses in the field of technology is Internet of Things technology that has swept the world of technology world over. Jason believes that the future of technology belongs to the Internet of Things technology, and says that even though its implications would be widespread in just about every sector, the aviation industry has a lot to take from it.

Jason Hope stated that the airlines having the internet of things technology would be able to report any fault in their engine and other parts accurately and immediately. It would significantly improve the safety of the passengers as well as the airlines, and provide peace of mind. It would also help save the time of the ground staff as they would be able to track exactly where the problem is and would be ready with the parts and machinery for repair before the plane arrives. The internet of things uses the Bluetooth beacon technology, which uses the small beacon stickers that can be placed anywhere without occupying much space. The customer service and other aspects of traveling via plane would also benefit tremendously with the use of Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and is associated with many leading charitable organizations. He believes that the human life can be significantly extended if research on a cellular level and that aging process can be reversed. It is because of this he donates generously to the research conducted by Sens Research Foundation. Jason Hope is based in Arizona, where he is affiliated with many social welfare foundations and charities. Jason Hope completed his graduation from the University of Arizona and went on to complete Masters in Business Administration from the W.P. Carey Business School. As a serial entrepreneur, he continues to look out for opportunities where he can invest and encourages new age entrepreneurs by funding their ideas.


Mindset Plays A Powerful Role In Decision Making According To Mike Baur

There are many obstacles on the road to success for start-up businesses. A great plan and product does not make up for the lack of knowledge that comes with inexperience. These different variables will shape the way entrepreneurs think about how they operate. Many companies fold under this type of pressure. It is very costly to learn lessons while on on the job. Mike Baur believes that a proper mindset is essential from the very beginning. He has dedicated himself to helping startup business leaders develop their ideas into the reality that they want them to be. The Swiss Startup Factory is designed to assist anyone who is looking to take their business ventures to the next level.


Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory after an extensive career in the Swiss banking industry. At the age of 39 he decided to venture out on his own and follow a passion he had for helping others develop their ideas. The Swiss Start Up Factory is involved in every aspect of developing a successful business model. It helps entrepreneurs with various areas of interest. Developers are assisted with creating presentations that will attract the type of clientele that wants to be a part of their movement.


A simple idea can spark an enormous chain of events. However, a great idea does not mean that it will evolve into a well-rounded company. There are several aspects of every organization that entrepreneurs must master in order to bring their business to a highly functioning level. Sales and marketing is essential. Managing finances is yet another important variable when trying to keep a business afloat. Personnel management is crucial because no company can function without qualify individuals who are trained and motivated.


The Swiss Startup Factory is prepared to get involved with all of these different departments of business management. It all starts with an idea. Many get stuck at this particular juncture. Mike Baur is willing to help aspiring business leaders turn their ideas into a solid business plan that will function and compete in whatever industry it is designed.


New executives must be prepared to embrace every aspect of what will propel their idea into a successful business model. Mentors are available through the Swiss Startup Factory to guide startup companies and leave them to a satisfying outcome. The program is 12 months long. This is a major contrast to similar courses which are normally three months. Mike Baur and his team uses this time to thoroughly involve themselves in the business building process.



Pets are a source of joy and security not only to the people who keep them but also to the next door neighbor, which is why they are taken care of with utmost care. Treating your pets with utmost care will ensure they always remain healthy, loyal and bring a sense of satisfaction.

Every living thing needs food to subsist, and dogs are no exception. To ensure your dog remains perfectly healthy, provision of clean and healthy food will suffice. Statistically, dogs that feed on clean and healthy food have a proven track record regarding longevity compared to ill-fed ones or neglected ones.

In this day and age of cut throat competition, companies are manufacturing a variety of healthy dog food to stay ahead of the park. A case in point is the Purina Company. Purina produces a custom made brand of dog food. It essentially means that your dog will fall for it just by the little flavor.

The dog dry food and wet food industry has witnessed an exponential transformation since Purina Company came into play. The might of the Purina Company has pushed other pet food companies to restructure to be on par with the competition. To stay afloat, Purina Company recently unveiled a new dog food brand called Beneful. Beneful has received a lot of positive reviews from pet owners because of two reasons: first, it is healthy and two, dogs seem to love it. Beneful dog food varieties are readily obtainable in the marketplace, and the pet owners have the liberty to choose the most suitable for their pets. The types include;

1. Incredibites

Every dog needs a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Incredibites contains every drop of nutrient required by your pet. It entails of beef, rice, tomatoes and other necessary ingredients, plus its flour is utterly outstanding.

2. Chopped Blends

Chopped Blends also fall under the umbrella of Beneful dog varieties. Compared to other brands, it consists of beef, carrots, peas, barley and is extremely healthy. The essential elements of food are in this variety.

3. Tuscan style medley
It’s also one of the baneful dog types and splendid for dogs. Key components include beef, carrots, wild rice, and spinach. It has a pleasant taste and considered dogs favorite.

4. Beneful Healthy Fiesta

It’s a Beneful dog food variety with chewy chunks. The primary ingredients include real chicken, wholesome rice, vegetables, and avocado. It has 100% perfectly balanced, and complete nutrients hence guarantee high muscle development of the dog.

Todd Lubar, The Story of a Successful Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking for a home in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you wouldn’t be a fool to seek out real estate agent Todd Lubar. Mr. Lubar started his real estate career in 1995 after graduating from college with a degree in speech communication. One would guess that his time studying and learning about speech communication paid off because he’s now the President at TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has also become involved in other business areas including automatic scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition. Aside from the success he has found in real estate, he has also been passionate about helping those who are underserved in the Baltimore area.

Todd Lubar’s website,, shares that, “It quickly became apparent to Todd that because of his marvel of every facet of the business and his desire to help others he would make Real Estate and finance his life long career.” It is apparent that he cares about the community he lives in as well as the world he lives. Via his site, he explains that his life-long goal is to become a better person every single day that passes and to add value to everything that he is around or a part of. This type of mentality is very important in Baltimore, where the real estate industry suffered after the 2008 economic crisis. Todd Lubar’s work experience includes working as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, an equity position with Legacy Financial Group, then starting the residential developmental company known as Legendary Properties, LLC., and then Charter Funding, which is a First Magnus Financial Corporation subsidiary. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

In this position, Todd Lubar lends “to individuals and companies, allowing him to borrow to those who are likely to be overlooked by traditional lending sources.” In addition to this, the article written on the agent says that, “Todd has been involved in more than 7,000 real estate and lending transactions, he has the ability to assess the risk of practically any loan situation to make the appropriate lending decision.” Todd Lubar is making a difference in his community doing something he is passionate about and has used his experience to create a company that is worthwhile and valuable to many people in Baltimore.